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Allpeers if finally out!!

Hello all:

Just wanted to say that "Allpeers" Beta is finally out. For those of you that are not familiar with this program it comes from Firefox and it lets you share files, webpages.... as large as you want with your friends and family, size does not matter.

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  • Nico

    posted by Nico on Thursday, August 24, 2006

    No, mom, that's, really, it's.....uhhh....

    (Rated PG-13)

    I had to put this in up for comments. Hilarious puns, anyone?

    posted by Random on Thursday, August 24, 2006

    World War 3 on the way?

    It's been nice to have some fun posts interspersed with serious ones. I thought I would throw this out there but I don't want to be too political...

    Anyway, respond if you want, it's just speculation and somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

    So this may personalize this a little for the Armenians here. Last week in Las Vegas, an arab approached Carine (for those who don't know, Carine is armenian) and asked her if she had "heard the news". He said, "You didn't hear??!!! We won! We defeated Israel!" Carine doesn't pay much attention to politics and she had no idea what he was talking about. She asked him, "Won what?" He said, "Well, when the Turks killed all the Armenians, who won?" She just blew him off.

    The point is that is kind of scary that many muslim extremists are uniting around the world behind Hezbollah/Iran/Syria. Anyway, I read a story yesterday that Iran was bombing northern Iraq just across the border. In Iran's constitution, it calls for them to become the Muslim country from India to the Mediterranean.

    Kind of scary....what do you guys think? Are we headed for WWIII? Muslim extremists v. Infidels?


    posted by Random on Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Sleeping cats

    Ok, I am back again. I have not posted here for awhile, but I have been keeping up with posts and events on the blog. Anyway, I found some of these very cute pics (I am sure Mika will share my opinion, lol ) and just could not help posting them here.

    posted by Lilia on Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

    Since the Lebanon thread is out my range of view in my screen (because of so many comments) I thought it would be convenient to post a new one with the inclusion of this video. It is a little long (1h.36m) but I think it makes some pretty good points. I have not seen it all, just about half of it, but was impressed with it. See what you think, I still have to come to my own conclusions about it.


    posted by Nico on Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    How much longer?

    Greetings! I have been following this blog for a few weeks now and let me say that I am glad that Randall (Maximus) invited me over. Great job guys.
    Going back to the purpose of this post, I would like to say that I want to make a statement and at the same time a startpoint for conversation about this controversial topic. We know that the Israeli-Palestine conflict has been going on for almost six decades now and that killings and wrongdoing have been occurring on both sides of the fence. This is an unfortunate situation which I honestly I do not have a straight answer for because its complexity in the events which have occurred during all this time.
    However I think that the events that have been going on in the past month are well past any rights to defend a nation or a region in the name of decency or justice.

    I am appalled as a human being for the atrocities that are being conducted in the Lebanon and Palestine. There is no country in the world that could get away with this type of actions except Israel. Because they had two Israeli soldiers killed by a terrorist group they gave themselves the right to invade another country, kill 700 civilians (so far) and destroy the few resources (homes, airports, sea ports, electrical plants, roads, bridges, crops, etc. etc. ) that these people, the Palestinians, had left. Let's remember that this country was already well below the World's poverty level.
    I could go on and on with facts about this crisis that make it hideous, but I just want to get the bottom line: Why does Bush and his loyal birddog (trying to be polite) Tony Blair help Israel so much? The both vetoed in the UN as well as in the EU the unanimous condemn of Israeli actions after the killings of ten UN observers and the massacres of Qaa (about 30 civilians murdered in cold blood in a fruit market) while trying to give more time for Israel to get finish their massacre (about 10 more days according to Israeli prime minister.) It is obvious that Israel would have done nothing like this had they not been backed by it's two bullies who are at the same time supplying them with all the weaponry they are using to perform this attacks (planes, missiles, tanks, chemical weapons....)

    I don't enjoy seeing casualties at all, no matter which side, and I surely detest and despise Hezbollah because it is a terrorist group like any other, ETA, IRA, FARC, etc. Therefore they should be treated like any other terrorist group, chased down and put in jail, if they resist, fine, kill them. But lets picture this; imagine if England or Spain were to go around after a terrorist attack were military were killed or even civilians, (which unfortunately have occurred most of the time), by IRA or ETA and bomb the heck out of Dublin or out of Bilbao blowing away buildings, roads, schools, power plants, etc, etc. It does not sound right, does it? Blair would not even think about it in his wildest dreams. Well, how come Israel is getting away with it then?

    I hope that most of us will think about this situation and will share your thoughts without too much bias (I know about a couple of you....). I am attacking here the politicians and not the people. I don't do not root for one or the other, so please don't give the antisemite talk, I also have lived most of my life suffering the coward attacks of terrorism. I would rather say: first try to put yourself in the Israeli shoes as well as in the Palestinian shoes and tell us what you think.


    posted by Nico on Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    What's your browser?

    I read this article recently about what your choice browser reveals about you and found it very true. I have to say every single one of the descriptions hit home. I know people who use almost all of the browsers listed and they fit every single one of the descriptions (including me). Anyways check it out and see what your browser reveals about you.

    posted by bla on Tuesday, August 22, 2006


    posted by Ameet on Monday, August 21, 2006

    A Uniform Used to Mean Something

    posted by Ameet on Friday, August 18, 2006

    Hello old friends!

    Okay, so I only know Denis and Mike... Long time no see eh? So, I guess I will give an update of my life... I graduated last August in Economics (sorry guys, I ditched the CS...). I work in Salt Lake for an investment banking company called Goldman Sachs. I couldn't ask for a better job!! I love it! It seriously is my dream job. I am a project manager. I have already gone to New York on business once. I love New York. And I get totally hooked up.
    My husband (Drey) and I are living in Pleasant Grove, most likely until he graduates from UVSC (computer science). He is an intern at Altiris in Lindon.
    So there is whats going on with me in a nutshell.

    posted by becca on Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Ryan vs Dorkman


    Great video. Very well made. I was specially impressed with the choreography. Greetings.

    posted by Nico on Thursday, August 17, 2006

    How to make a crop circle !

    I never imagined firefox had an extraterrestrial preference. You can read the article here.

    posted by Ameet on Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Man sues Michael Jordan and Nike for $832 million

    The reason behind the lawsuit - resemblance. Apparently the man looks like Jordan and has been asked so many times if he was Michael Jordan, that he is sick of it and is therefore filing a lawsuit. You can find the full here.

    posted by bla on Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Kids and cell phones

    CNET ran an article yesterday about the average age of children owning a cell phone and apparently last year it was eight! Eight year old kids with cell phones. Even better yet, they expect that this year the average age will drop down to five years old. For those who are worried about kids wasting all the minutes and getting huge fees, there are features that allow the parents to control the amount of calling and text messaging the kids can do. So I'd like to turn this into a discussion on our blog and ask all of you of your oppinion. Is this too much? Where is that limit? I mean according to this, I should go and buy a cell phone for my little sister now because she's already a year behind! Here is the original CNET article.

    posted by bla on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Never lose your photos again...

    Some of you know that I'm a photo junkie. By that I mean that I love taking them and usually out of every trip/event I get about 100 shots. Which means that the amount of them grows fairly fast.

    Last summer I suffered a hard drive crash which took down some 3000 unique photos that had no copies and/or backups. After that I started doing backups fairly regularly (around once every three month).

    Doing backups is tedious especially if you don't have any software to aid you in that. I personally use Picasa (amazing photo organizing software from Google) for that, because backing up as well as restoring is easy and fast. It also gives you a literally "one click" option for uploading your pictures to online storage.

    Today I stumbled upon an article that talked about general precautions that you can take for making sure that what happened to me doesn't happen to you.

    posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Cedar Point

    Yesterday I met up with the cousins and a friend of their family at Cedar Point and we had a blast lol. But I wanted to post this picture that me and Goga got while going on one of the biggest (and the best ever in my opionion) rides there - Millenium Force. Just an FYI we've been there so many times, that we know where all the cameras are on the rides, so we make stupid faces lol. This one topped all the ones we've done so far! You can also kinda see Gurgen and Nadia (our Bulgarian friend) in the back seats.

    posted by bla on Sunday, August 13, 2006

    GTalk file transfers and more

    (Google Talk main window)

    Since day 1 of release of Google's IM client "GoogleTalk" we've all been asking the same question: Where is the file transfer feature? Well the long wait is almost over. The new client has file transfer and more! Naturally Denis and I couldn't wait till the official release, so we got our hands on a test version of the messenger to test out the new features.

    File transfer worked great! The default location of the downloaded files is in a folder called "Google Talk Received Files" and then after that it breaks it up into folders depending on the type of the file sent. For example "Received Images" for all the image files. Here are some screenshots that we took.

    (Send Files button inside chat window)

    When sending an image it actually displays a decent size of the image which somewhat scales with the IM window size.

    (Sending an image request)

    (Sending an image pregress)

    (Sending an image completed)

    And sending a 70MB .avi file took about 13 minutes between cable and T1.

    (Sending an file request)

    (Sending an file progress)

    (Sending an file completed)

    Another great feature added to this version of the messenger is the "Send voicemail" ability. You can send a voicemail to any of your contacts at any time, whether they're logged in or not. Gtalk emails the recepient with a flash player built into the email. But of course if you would like to download the mp3, there is a handy link that allows you to do just that. Naturally Google's staff added a bit of fun into the feature by making the answering machine message be "please leave a message at the MEEP... MEEP!" instead of the common BEEP.

    (Voicemail in the email message)

    Finally the last feature (but only last on our list) is the "Show current music track" which can be set instead of your status, and it'll display the current track that you're playing. For MSN Messenger users this will not be a new feature as that client has had this for a while now.

    (Show songs when they are playing)

    (Songs playing)

    Another giant step for this messenger that no doubt is on its way to becoming one of the most used IM Clients out there. As we like to say many times "it's the little things that matter" and Google knows how to take care of those and make them fun at the same time.

    Here is a direct link for those that want to try it out.

    posted by bla on Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Media file tag renaming made easy

    I am very picky about the naming conventions and always make sure the tags on my media files are in tact before I import them into iTunes. But sometimes it can be pain to go through the files one at a time and change the information, so when I saw an article on Lifehacker about a software that makes it easier I was all about it! TigoTago allows you to edit the tags in an editor that displays the tracks like in a spreadsheet, so you can go through all the files quick, instead of the way I used to do it - editing in the properties of each one seperately! You can check out more screenshots and download the software at

    posted by bla on Friday, August 11, 2006

    Jose +10

    OK I don't think any of us hasn't seen the "Jose +10" Adidas commercial. Well here's a google video of the "making of the commercial" where the stars (aka the soccer players) talk about the commercial (unfortunately a lot of them talk in their native language and there's no subtitles lol). But I figured anyone who enjoyed Jose +10 will enjoy this! So here it is:

    Making of Adidas Jose+10

    posted by bla on Thursday, August 03, 2006