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Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

Since the Lebanon thread is out my range of view in my screen (because of so many comments) I thought it would be convenient to post a new one with the inclusion of this video. It is a little long (1h.36m) but I think it makes some pretty good points. I have not seen it all, just about half of it, but was impressed with it. See what you think, I still have to come to my own conclusions about it.


posted by Nico on Tuesday, August 22, 2006


At 23 August, 2006 07:17, Blogger bla said...

I went ahead and changed the date and time on the last thread so it would display on the current page since it appears we're not exactly done discussing the issue lol.

At 23 August, 2006 12:37, Blogger Nico said...

Good job!! ;) Thanks

At 23 August, 2006 12:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I posted the video as embedded rather than a link.

At 23 August, 2006 17:17, Blogger Nico said...

Thank you Denis, as well... I kept getting an error while trying to insert it last night. I thought that maybe it was because of the size of the file.

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