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Cedar Point

Yesterday I met up with the cousins and a friend of their family at Cedar Point and we had a blast lol. But I wanted to post this picture that me and Goga got while going on one of the biggest (and the best ever in my opionion) rides there - Millenium Force. Just an FYI we've been there so many times, that we know where all the cameras are on the rides, so we make stupid faces lol. This one topped all the ones we've done so far! You can also kinda see Gurgen and Nadia (our Bulgarian friend) in the back seats.

posted by bla on Sunday, August 13, 2006


At 13 August, 2006 19:49, Blogger Goga said...


The force was with us on this one, mik! haha

Best rollercoaster by far in my mind!! if you havnt been to CP, you better get your butt to MI or OH and we'll go, cuz there are still alot of things we can do on it...

At 23 August, 2006 19:27, Blogger Random said...

wow, man, that picture is a classic. you two look a little too close though :->

I can't wait to come to OH and hang out with all you guys at CP.


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