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Punish the thieves that steal your wireless

Are you having problems with your neighboors stealing your wireless? Well I'm sure most of us already know how to keep them off our wireless connection, but I found an article that instead of completely cutting people off, actually has some fun with them!

The idea is to allow others to get on your network and gain an IP address, but mess with their internet browsing. For example, no matter what URL they type in, you can redirect them to something like

The article even gives another option of using the Squid Proxy Server which allows you to flip the images, or blur them.

Read the article and enjoy the great ideas. The content is a little techy, but there are images and anyone will have a good laugh and get the general idea behind it.


posted by bla on Thursday, July 27, 2006


At 27 July, 2006 12:28, Blogger Ameet said...

wage a war on thy neighbor

At 27 July, 2006 22:03, Blogger Lilia said...

Lol, do you know what I enjoyed most from this post... looking at kittens at Hahahaha.

At 28 July, 2006 06:26, Blogger Goga said...

someone needs to close this post RIGHT NOW.....what the hell are you doing, bla? Taking internet from the rich is not stealing. It's merely borrowing...and if i was taking my online phys test and got redirected to I would be pretty pissed to say the least!

At 28 July, 2006 22:24, Blogger Random said...

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At 28 July, 2006 22:27, Blogger Random said...

Wise man say:

"A man too stupid to not protect his wireless is also too stupid to enjoy a full bandwidth."

-max (I'm with gog when it comes to this, Robin Hood is good in the world of free internet)

At 03 August, 2006 06:54, Blogger bla said...

Gog knowing you, you'd probably think that is a normal part of the physics test (since you know jack about physics :P lol) and you'd be just fine! Untill you got your grade that is ;)

I agree with the Robin Hood thing, but would you like to be the one he robbed? Even if you knew it helped all those people?

At 08 August, 2006 20:03, Blogger Random said...

ah, a new mini-posting: a debate on the merits of Robin Hood? lol

Personally, I hate the idea of Robin Hood robbing the rich and giving to the poor. However, assuming the rich are rich by the class system and not today's economics and capitalism, then I'm all for the boys from Sherwood. Given the timeframe the book is set it, I'll support it.

My point is that you shouldn't apply those rules in a 'fair' capitalistic society. The rich are rich because they were smarter or worked harder. Thoughts?

At 11 August, 2006 13:04, Blogger bla said...

lol well here's my theory. What you say makes sense about the 'fair capitalistic society' and about rich being rich because they were smarter, but at the same time this doesn't conflict with the whole Robin Hood thing, because you see if they really are smart, then they can protect their stuff. Today there's both class system and economy so the whole thing still works (:

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