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Trying to revive nikak: XBox death

Hi guys!

What's new? So if you've been keeping up with the console gaming wars, (how can you not!!??) you might have seen how Nintendo Wii is kicking ars with it's non-traditional approach to casual games designed to bring everybody into the gaming world. Sony just clipped $100 off it's PS3, and Microsoft, well, they are dealing with a big problem in their XBox's: They die!!

To wit, my beloved 360 Gears of War machine died a few weeks ago with the notorious "Red Rings of Death" or RROD for short. Many of the people I battled against online also had hardware failures and RROD. So many, that there is obviously something rotten in the 360. Check this link for more details:

When I took it back to the mecca of returns (COSTCO!!!), they of course gladly gave me another one without questions. I asked them if they do a lot of 360 returns, they said they estimate about one third of them are returned with hardware failure. A friend of mine online has gone through 4 machines already!!!!

Of course, Microsoft was in total denial about this problem! They actually tried to say it was because of people's surge protectors, can you buy that!!!?? Anyway, it's news today because Microsoft is finally owning the problem and they have extended their warranty to 3 years.

Just thought you all might like to know. What's the moral of the story? Always always always buy your electronics from CostCo.


posted by Random on Monday, July 16, 2007