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Kaka wants to grow old in AC Milan...

There have been rumors lately going about Kaka - a player for AC Milan and Brazil's national team, saying that he might be moving to England's Manchester City for a record breaking price. Well to get this squashed once and for all - Kaka isn't going anywhere. In fact in a television interview he told the press that he'd like to grow old in AC Milan and someday become captain, that is, if Milan want to keep him. And knowing Milan - they don't get rid of their players that want to stay (one of the many reasons why I love this team is the fact that they respect the player opinions).

The offer from Manchester City was rumored to be up to £100m and possibly weekly wages to Kaka of £500,000.

For more details read the following article: Kaka plays down City link and claims he wants to 'grow old' at Milan

So Forza Rossoneri! And Forza Kaka! (:

posted by bla on Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2008 via Wired

Well we're in 2009 now, which means it's time for all the "this and that of 2008" lists to come out showing us some of the good, bad, hilarious and absolutely saddening events that happened last year making us realize how much can happen in just a year. I ran into such a list on Wired today that I decided was too good not to post here. It's called Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2008. Usually whenever I post a list I'll give a couple examples from the list of things that stood out to me, but in this case you'll have to go through the entire thing, because I didn't see any that stood out more then the others! Amazing what science can do these days.

posted by bla on Tuesday, January 06, 2009