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World War 3 on the way?

It's been nice to have some fun posts interspersed with serious ones. I thought I would throw this out there but I don't want to be too political...

Anyway, respond if you want, it's just speculation and somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

So this may personalize this a little for the Armenians here. Last week in Las Vegas, an arab approached Carine (for those who don't know, Carine is armenian) and asked her if she had "heard the news". He said, "You didn't hear??!!! We won! We defeated Israel!" Carine doesn't pay much attention to politics and she had no idea what he was talking about. She asked him, "Won what?" He said, "Well, when the Turks killed all the Armenians, who won?" She just blew him off.

The point is that is kind of scary that many muslim extremists are uniting around the world behind Hezbollah/Iran/Syria. Anyway, I read a story yesterday that Iran was bombing northern Iraq just across the border. In Iran's constitution, it calls for them to become the Muslim country from India to the Mediterranean.

Kind of scary....what do you guys think? Are we headed for WWIII? Muslim extremists v. Infidels?


posted by Random on Wednesday, August 23, 2006


At 23 August, 2006 20:24, Blogger bla said...

WW3 or another Crusades? I guess I can see a pattern and it's only getting stronger.

How about this for something to think on. Would communism (in its true form) solve all these issues? Just strip everyone from any inequalities, make everyone equal in everything and bam no more differences. Life is pretty dull, there is no competition, no yearning to grow because you can't express it. But it solves the problems with all the wars no? So is this a price we are willing to pay? Are we willing to put all our ambitions on the line just to bring peace and equality? Makes you wonder doesn't it...

At 01 September, 2006 13:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the were gna have a nuclear war anyway the people who are in charge of countrys and the politicians just want power ffs cant we all just live together and create one world not differnt countrys it annoys me cause there willing to fire nukes at someone for a stupid reason then thats it were all dead and the survivors will die later cause of the toxic chemicals in the atmosphere i cannot beleive the nuclear bomb is the world threat still its been about 60 years com on thats pretty ridiculas

At 22 February, 2009 07:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...








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