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The round of 16 !!!

So the groups are done and today we already saw a very good game by Germany in the round of 16.

I'm hoping that Argentina will win todays second game (how can they not win?!?!). :)

Anyway, start commenting...

posted by Anonymous on Saturday, June 24, 2006


At 26 June, 2006 01:30, Blogger Random said...

Wow! What a weekend! Mexico actually looked really strong and challenged Argentina. That was the goal of the cup....except today maybe Beckham's free kick. But nah, the goal in overtime probably wins.

As far as Beckham goes, I don't care if he doesn't play defense, if you can get him to do that every game, you have a winner. I just want England to play as good as I know they can, and they are just not!! Although Rooney played fairly well in 90 minutes of heat. Overall the point is to advance, and so mission accomplished.

But holy cow, did you see the Portugal-Holland game??! That was one of the most physical matches I've ever seen! I can't believe even geriatric Figo was mixing it up (with a nice head-butt!). Netherlands deserved to lose for 2 reasons: 1. Not playing Van Nisteroy and 2. Not playing the ball back to Portugal after the injury. That was just not cool. So I was glad to see them go down. It just sucks that Deco is out for the next round. Wouldn't you know it would be a Russian (ref) who would screw up the game with 16 cards? Of course it seems that all refs suck this year.

P.S. Fiiiiiggggoooooo, I still believe!!!!!! Go England. w00t Crouch AND Rooney in the front next match.

At 26 June, 2006 06:26, Blogger Goga said...

dude, the russian ref didn't screw up the game. no way. the players did that. he did everything to keep the game under control.
Number 1, I think Netherlands deserved to go through. Portugal played dirty. Im glad snieder didn't give the ball back, screw that. THe only reason that portugal threw it out was because they wanted to waste more time. It was a pathetica display by Portugal. I lost alot of respect for that team.

Number 2: Not playign Raud might have been the right move. I hate how this always happens, a coach doesn't play a player, they lose the game, suddenly, everybody just assumes that is the reason. Van Nisteroy didn't show anything in the Group 1 games, thats why he was left out. Kuyt made some very dangerous opportunities, they hit the most like 10 times in that game, just luck was not with them. I will definatly rute for england in the next game, but if ronaldo comes back, it will be tough.


p.s. still the best part of this world cup was seeing deco and giovanni sitting on the stairs after they both got reds talking lol!

At 26 June, 2006 16:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man that was some game between Ukraine and Swis.

Very interesting how they went all the way to penalties. And their goalie was amazing at taking every shot.

Lilia was watching it and she went crazy. She almost cried when they won. That's understandable considering that it's Ukraine's first time to get that far (and I think it's their first World Cup too).

They probably don't have very good chances aginst Italy but still good job Ukraine!

At 27 June, 2006 06:20, Blogger Goga said...

shevo can't drag them all the way to the final, he just can't lol nah, good win ukraine! they played much better then in the group stage. But i don't think they have a single chance against italy. Italy knows shevo, especially since the back line is practically all milan. Plus since he left milan now, they won't even pity him. 2-0 Italy.

At 27 June, 2006 08:14, Blogger bla said...

lol I hear all this Italy, Italy, Italy crap and nobody wants to talk about just how lucky the Italians were? I mean come on penalty on the 93rd minute! If that's not lucky I don't know what is. Granted the penalty was deserved, but because it was 93rd he could have let it fly. Anyways no biggie.

Ukraine - good job and yet bad job. Don't get me wrong I love the team, I love Shevchenko - I mean come on he played for my favorite club for 7 years in a row and took them places they hadn't been in a long time. But the point is Neither Ukraine nor Switzerland played good at all. However! The matchup vs. Italy is perfect because Italy plays the same style as well - they don't attack, just sit back, defend and all that jazz. So all in all I'd say we're gonna see another boring game like that. Although the Italians have a little better offense and might actually score, but if you ask me Bloxin is going to sit back just like them and just counter. And with the way Toni has been playing, unless Pipo comes in, it'll be penalty shootouts once more! And Italy doesn't want that for 2 reasons: 1. They suck at penalty shootouts lol I mean just look at their previous losses in the world cup's second stage (3 out of 4 were on penalties), and 2. Ukraine's keeper is coming off a huge game with Switzerland and he's extremely confident.

Now the Portugal game... lol. I agree with a lot of Goga's points - we watched it together since I was in Michigan that weekend. None of the teams played very well. They both got physical, when Ronaldo got hurt that was extremely dissappointing and made me feel bad for Portugal, but then all the crap started and Portugal didn't play to play, but played just for their lead. Then Figo headbutted the guy... lol I swear that should have been another red card. I know he was standing up for his teammates and all, but he's a veteran and he put his entire team on the line (got lucky there were already enough cards and the ref didn't see it). I disagree though Gog about Raud. I think your dad was right when he said there must be some internal conflict between him and Van Basten (their coach). I'm not saying that's why Netherlands lost, however when you have a high class scorer like him sitting on a bench, and you're desperate - you put away all doubts, it doesn't matter how he played the in the group stage: at least he played! The player he put in instead hadn't even played in the group stage!! So all in all big mistake.

At 27 June, 2006 08:53, Blogger Emanuel said...

Ok... ITaly..... SUCKS!! they did not play at all..
Please guys for friday.. i hope none of you go against Argentina because you will... let leave it there.

I have FAITH!!! that we are going to win (ARGENTINA!)

Some people said that this game is going to be the one... I mean the one that wins this game will be the world champion...
I hope that is true because i don't like brazil (I accually dislike them!!!)


At 27 June, 2006 11:13, Blogger bla said...

lol Em I don't think your liking or disliking Brazil will make a difference this cup :P I disagree with the point that the winner of Germany - Argentina will be the champion. They still have to go through Brazil - I'm not just saying it to say it, it's a fact. Brazil is playing stronger and stronger, and this Ghana game no matter how much people say "Brazil didn't play at their best" you know what they played good, they rested their players and, even though Ghana did play outstanding and deserved a better result than 3-0, Brazil still did their job and they did it well. Props to Ghana definately! It's ok to dislike Brazil, but you can't put away the facts. I'm not cheering for any team in particular this world cup at all. Technically all the teams that I liked are already out. I like the way Germany plays, I have loved Brazil only because of one man - Romario (best player ever no matter who says what - and no matter what you say too Gog so dont' even bother!), I don't think I want to see Spain win it, Argentina has been playing good too, but I can bring the same argument that people bring with Brazil - why did Argentina play so bad their last game? They weren't dominating and technically we haven't seen Argentina play a top class team yet, so that's yet to be seen. No offense to you Em, I mean the Argentine team is doing amazing this year and they have 23 stars so doesn't even matter who plays. I'm still waiting on Messi to show his flare because he has even more flare than people talk about I think.

Spain - France later on today! I swear I hope France wins so Brazil can get their revenge on them in the semifinals, but at the same time I hope they lose because not only don't they deserve to be in the second stage, but they don't even deserve to be in this World Cup!

At 27 June, 2006 15:08, Blogger bla said...

Well... that was a different France team and a different Spain team no? As I've always said - Spain are big choakers and they can't do anything as soon as they get out of group stage... I mean come on, you can't even beat France? Go take a few lessons from Switzerland, maybe you'll learn a trick or two.

Now all pressure on Brazil! It's revenge time and they know it! I say 4:0! Ronaldo should score a freaking hattrick and then one for Ronaldinho just because he hasn't scored yet. Quoting my friend Robe after I told him France just won "the country of france needs to be a parking lot." Enough said lol.

At 27 June, 2006 17:23, Blogger Random said...

well, well, a lot of emotion and picks flying around!!! But don't count out the Brits! (I gotta go with my homeland :->) I can't wait for England-Brazil!!! (my fingers are crossed that England gets passed Figo (sin Deco).

I still think Brazil on cruise control with one leg tied behind their back is better than 90% of the teams in the WC. However, Ghana left their hearts on the field and deserve a lot of credit.

Spain chokes. France is lucky to have Ribery. But they have no chance against Brazil. End of story.

Now, on the other side of the bracket, Germany is playing RIGHT NOW the best football. Emanuel, what has Argentina done lately? Squeaked by a Mexico team that gave them a goal at the end? I think at this point Germany is looking like a favorite to challenge Brazil.

Goga, Italy is beatable. We've seen it time and time again, so I wouldn't be too confident even against Ukraine. It depends on which Ukraine shows up for the game. Kalinichenko and Voronin, Rebrov aren't bad. Shevo still has some good soccer in him, and remember that although they know him on the back line, he knows them also, and if I recall he did OKAY in the Italian league, no?

My picks: Germany, Ukraine (miracle win), England, Brasil, with Germany v. Brasil in final. 50/50 chance for who wins that.

At 27 June, 2006 22:04, Blogger gurgentus said...

Guys, great comments, great game Spain - France. Sorry Mik, but I guess you said you wanted France to win anyway. You are not going to like this, but I think Zidanne played very well, and I don't just mean the goal. I can't believe how unlucky Spain is, however. To get out of a group with 9 points and have to play France, while Ukraine (though I am rooting for them) gets through to quarters playing less than mediocre against average opposition.

I can't wait till the quarterfinals. Germany - Argentina is going to be an excellent game, but I'd say Germany has the edge with momentum and also the home field advantage. Brazil - France, also should be an excellent game no matter who wins. Ukraine - Italy, come on Sheva has to pick it up, I mean who would've thought he would be the only one to miss a penalty for Ukraine, and finally England - Portugal also should be a real treat.

My picks: Germany, Italy (although it would be great if Ukraine could pull it off, I thought they showed some good play sporadically against the Swiss), Portugal, and dare I say it FRANCE. They are finding their form just at the right time, while Brazil is still a little off tune. You can just sense a goal explosion from Henry at some point. This is just not a kind of player that doesn't score.

Again all four great matchups no matter who wins.

At 28 June, 2006 11:55, Blogger Emanuel said...

Germany - Argentina: I believe this game is going to be hard for Argentina. The only thing that keeps me with hope is that the game vs Mexico was very hard because of one factor. The Coach for the Mexican team is Argentinian and he accually REALLY!! knew all of the Argentinian players. He controlled the team technically. We won because of individuality... i know that. Now since 2002 Argentina is being doing way good and Argentina or Germany can win this game.

Brazil - France: I think France is being so lucky that it might give Brazil a headache. Brazil is being getting momentum (very slow!) if they get to get final they might be able to be at their maximun. I really don't think they will be at their maximun this year.

Ukraine - Italy: This one.. I really don't know! I cannot say anything about it because i don't know enough about Ukraine soccer sorry!

England - Portugal: U never know... Portgal is very unstable; however, I was trying to find stats on this game and i read that Portugal tents to "win" against them eventhough they are playing bad lol
England is not playing well. I talked to a friend of mine from England and he does not understand why England is playing so bad... I cannot say anything else about it :)

questions for you guys:
What do you think about Germany's defence?
Can you give me some info about Ukraine?


At 28 June, 2006 20:43, Blogger Emanuel said...

for those that are in Provo... we are playing soccer on saturdays behind the hospital at 10 am.

There are like 25-30 people every week and believe me... we have lots of fun
so you are wellcome to come

At 28 June, 2006 22:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soccer?!?!? What's that?!?!?

I know only football.

Shame on you Em. :)

At 29 June, 2006 06:58, Blogger Goga said...

OK i have been working therefor recording games, THEREFOR havnt been able to check the blog until last nite when i finally watcheed the france spain game, while you have been bashing italy, switching teams. what is this? If your team got it, be man enough to admit it. mika has been jumping team to team like some kind not even gonna say it.
FROM THE BEGINING, and I have documentation to prove it, i said italy is gonna win. Italy, just like brazil havn't played to their fullest potential yet, but the DO get through, like brazil.

In the australia game, even if the penalty wasn't completely desereved, the RED CARD, and being man down for the whole second half, was DEFINATLY not deserved. so don't judge italy by that game. This will be yet another ITALY vs Brazil final.

I do feel bad for Spain, just like gurgen said, they played good in the group stage, but got screwed in the round of 16, because they shoulda played the Swiss! but they still shoulda won.

France played great! i gotta say, since ronaldo is back, zidane is back too, alot of the madrid stars have been stepping up for their teams. Ramos had a great game.

Anywho, im taking a half day on friday so i can get to watch what will be italy's second triumph! i say Germany vs Italy and Brazil vs England semifinals, Italy vs Brazil final and need i say it??


p.s. baggio is better then romario any day of the week.

At 29 June, 2006 07:36, Blogger bla said...

What switching teams are you talking about? For one thing I don't even have a team. FROM THE BEGINNING I always said Brazil will win this, but they're not my team, I was just stating a fact. So don't tell me I'm switching teams bla bla bla when I don't even have a team. :P

As far as Italy - Brazil final gog it won't happen for one thing, and IF say it does, then Brazil is guaranteed yet another cup. Why? Well simply because the Italians can't finish. Comparing it to 1994, they at least had strikers who could finish - except under pressure, when it mattered the most of course they (and by they I mean Roberto Baggio) couldn't handle it and broke down. BUT the whole point is at least the strikers there finished in previous games. Whereas in this world cup, Toni STILL hasn't scored lol, Totti has scored but I mean come on penalty doesn't count and then it's just scraps, can't be compared to the many goals by other teams such as Germany, Brazil, Argentina. I'm not bashing on Italy, England is in the same state. Now I already know what your response is going to be "Italy has the best defense and can withstand even Brazil." While I agree with the defense point - it's not enough vs. teams like Argentina, Germany and Brazil because we all have seen that (especially with Brazil) all they need is one good attack, one dangerous situation and they finish. That's the difference between the world class teams and the others. Every team has dangerous moments, but teams like Brazil score on those chances. Italy doesn't, I mean you can't deny it - and if you do go check who had the least scored goals coming out of the group stage.

P.S. Baggio isn't even worthy of washing Romario's socks after Romario got done kicking Italy's butt in a soccer game. :P

At 29 June, 2006 07:52, Blogger Goga said...

lol LMAO

not to turn this into another baggio romario thing but....romario doesn't belong in the same sentence with who? rocrapio

At 29 June, 2006 08:11, Blogger bla said...

Well gog not to turn this into a baggio romario thing either, but just to reply to your comment:

It's a preview of a book called "Socceranto: Birth of a Language" which talks about different terms. If you keep scrolling right, you'll hit a list of definitions for example "to maradona" means to score a goal with a hand. Your favorite Baggio is there as well, lets see it says "baggio - noun, definition: missed penalty"

enough said.

At 29 June, 2006 08:26, Blogger Goga said...

well not to drag this thing out anymroe....but i thought you should know.... gonna leave it at can come up with your own caption...but im sure it doesnt need a wonder baggio missed....he just wanted to get out of there....

At 29 June, 2006 08:40, Blogger bla said...

gog... that's not Romario dude lol. Just because your search of "romario" showed you a picture that someone named "romario.jpg" doesn't mean it has Romario on it. On that lame note of yours I'll finish as well :P lol this is about current world cup, current stars and not the greats (Romario) and losers(Baggio) of the past. Topic closed! lol

At 29 June, 2006 09:08, Blogger Goga said...

oh no...i didn't search for romario. I searched for a "little sissy girl" and that came up with romario sites all over the mistake.

P.s. this world cup will be yet another proof of the dominant nation and the stars of old (BAGGIO) and new (TONI).

now its closed.

At 29 June, 2006 11:37, Blogger Emanuel said...

mm... Anyway... come and play football



At 30 June, 2006 01:35, Blogger Random said...

I will say that although Toni has not scored a goal, he still has looked fairly dominant in the front. He may break out.....but I agree with Gurg, Germany has the home field which as we have seen means they will be advancing, plus the momemtum....I'm not sure if another team can catch up....

Brits have to wake up! At what point do they realize they're in the WC!? The potential is there, Rooney is getting more and more fired up. (crazy?) Oh well, games are just around the corner!


At 30 June, 2006 12:09, Blogger bla said...

Well Germany - Argentina just ended, and man what a battle that was. One of the greatest games I've seen between two powerhouses. Props to both teams, Em I know it's gotta be rough right now, sorry man.

There are so many things to say about this game. I know many people will say Argentina had the disadvantage with the goalies and all, and yes sure that was major in the penalty kicks, BUT lets talk before the PK shots. Argentina got too comfortable on the 70eth minute. Em I'm sorry but they took Requelme out and he didn't even seem to be injured. Now I can understand maybe he was tired, but they put in a defensive mid? They didn't want more, they just wanted to keep the 1-0 while playing germany... come on... If you ask me, that was the biggest mistake for Argentina. They played well, Germany played well, but Germany played like they wanted to win even after 1-1, whereas Argentina stopped pushing - why? Requelme was gone, they had no attacking mid!!

Argentina's goal was amazing, and then Germany's answer... Klosse! You just need to say that and everyone will understand. And then after 1-1 you see Klinsman putting strikers and attacking mid in still. No defensive substitutions, nothing. And I respect that a lot, and so do others. Argentina came back in the first minutes of the second overtime, but it was too late.

PKs, well that's where Lehmann showed himself. I just want to say that whoever was commentating for ESPN that game and said that "he hasn't been impressed by Lehman this world cup" should go shoot himself or something. I was ready to switch to the chinese channell just so I don't hear that nonsense.

I have so much more to say, but I hate writing huge comments so I'll close this with a good job to both teams and my prediction for the final game still holds :P

At 30 June, 2006 12:13, Blogger bla said...

P.S. Gog do you know what I thought when Cambiasso came up to the ball? I'm sure you do lol.

At 30 June, 2006 14:57, Blogger bla said...

Not too much to say about the Ukraine - Italy game. Dod you were right Toni did break out so good call on that. Props to Ukraine, they played well and had a bunch of moments that they should have scored on, but got unlucky. But as memin pointed out, good teams create a lot of dangerous moments, but the great teams make sure those moments turn into goals. But my opinion is this was Ukraine's best game of this world cup, even better than the game they won 4-0! Shevo finally showed a lot of his skills, but I guess not enough.

Italy played like Italy always plays and almost got punished again like they got punished by South Korea last world cup. But this time luck was on their side. If Italians play like they played today with the Germans they can kiss the cup goodbye.

Oh and by the way props to Blokhin for immediately substituting and bringing in a third attacker when Italy scored their first. I think he understood that Ukraine had nothing to lose and decided to take the chance of going all into offense. I always like to see coaches do that, even though it might have cause the other 2 goals to be scored. He wasn't afraid of attacking!

At 30 June, 2006 15:01, Blogger bla said...

I know I'm posting too much today lol, but my friend just sent me this article from BBC that talks about the Argentine coach and some of the mistakes, and the biggest talk is exactly what I mentioned - Requelme substitute. Apparently the coach is quitting. Here's the article:

Argentina's coach news

At 01 July, 2006 12:25, Blogger Goga said...

ok OK sooo, England Portugal just ended, and now i finally have a breather to leave some comments before the big game in 50 mins!

England - unlucky.....
Rooney - stupid....

but im sure you arleady knew this. I always thought that bringing rooney was a bad move. He is just not a striker you can depend on. Crouch came in and right away caused alot of dangerous plays. They should have brought Defoe or Vassel instead. Premiership has SO MANY english strikers!!! rooney is just the big name....

Beckham got dehidtrated.....and once you lose a leader like that...its tough.....Gerrard tried to slide into that role, but its just not possible so late in the tournament....

English backline put out EVERYTHING....nothing but respect for those.....and Halgreeves too.....Lampard didn't do jack....

And well portugal played i say its deserved.

Anyway...TONIIIIIII!!! just like me and randod said all along...I think italy is playing great and is goign all the way...i dont care what you say mik, italy is in the semi-s and brazil is not we will see.

Germany is a good team, but italy is gonna walk all over them.

Peaaaaceee outtt!!!

At 01 July, 2006 14:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap!!!

I just finished watching the Brazil vs. France game.


France played very well. Brazil had a lot of great moments too but never made to a single goal.

Bla, I know you hate France, but today they really did a great job.

At 01 July, 2006 15:23, Blogger Goga said...

here comes the cold water, they don't want him no more, he's cold product!!!! muahahahhahah well mik?? u still hanging to your pick??? HA???HA? sorry mik,i knew this was not brazil's world cup.....just admit that you were wrong....france won, i agree with denis, they played great, zidane played like rohni....they started with 1 forward....come on....adriano came on and things started happening, but it was just too late!!!

I was wrong partially as well, i did think that brazil would win and play italy in the final, BUT.....the winner is what matters, and i still say its italy, like i always said HAHAHAHHA!!!

At 01 July, 2006 15:35, Blogger gurgentus said...

Whew, Brazil - France, best game of the tournament for me.
Not much comments other than Zidanne was great, and Ronaldinho(although he is one of my favorite players)
was disappointing throughout the tournament.

Checkout my post on 27 June, 2006 22:04, lol, 4/4 :)

At 01 July, 2006 20:53, Blogger bla said...

Well I guess since so many posts about Brazil were directed at me lol I'll just say a couple things.

First gog you're right, I said it as soon as I saw that Brazil was playin 1 striker - stupid. Why would you change a formation that worked so well for you the entire time. Secondly, France played well no question about that as much as I hate those pricks. At least Henry was the one who scored and not you-know-who. France moves on and will get to the finals no doubt, as much as I hate saying that. As far as Brazil, well they deserved what they got because of the way they played. "Careful and slow soccer" is not Brazil's style and that's what they tried doing. I mean how many times did they lose the ball just because the player stood there moving slow and a French player came from behind (yeah we all know they're pediks) and took it.

Anyways as I said, I didn't have any specific teams this cup, although I always love watching Brazil - and even though so many people deny it we all know it's true.

Anyways now that Brazil's out, as long as Germany keeps playing the way they play I'm sure they'll win. Sorry gog as much as I know you like Italy I don't think they have what it takes.

At 01 July, 2006 23:23, Blogger Random said...

Nice job Gurg on the predictions. I was only 1/4, but hey, I went out on a limb. :->

I will hold with Germany. They look strong, didn't have a great game, but were aggresive enough (KLINSMANN PLEASE COME TO USA FOR 2010!!!) and they got the win. New german style rocks!

Personally I just hate teams that dive. That's why I hate most South American teams. I can't stand C. Ronaldo but I must say he stepped up after England fell flat on their face. Overall I don't like Portugal or Italy 'cos of all the diving. It must be embarrasing for their fans to see the replays when they are touched on the arm and they grab their face and hit the ground like Mike Tyson just threw an uppercut. Hence, I'm all for Germany (and was for England). Goga, you know your guys are bad...Totti, Toni, most others too.... Just play the game.

Mik, i know the pain you must be going through, but you must admit that Zidane still has amazing touch and a great supporting cast. They are playing well at the right time, and Brazil never peaked just like England.

It sucks we have to wait for the semis to start!!!!!

At 02 July, 2006 09:06, Blogger gurgentus said...

I agree there are way too many dives. I don't know whether they are told to do that or what, but it is terrible. And not just the teams known for their diving either. I mean look at Ronaldo yesterday (and I don't mean C. Ronaldo this time :), come on he is a Brazilian and still I saw at least two dives there. I agree that in that regard Germans have the cleanest game and deserve to win.

At 02 July, 2006 09:55, Blogger Goga said...

i step away for a second, and italy gets bashed again, wat is this. And even worse, its getting bashed by people whose teams already are out lol. sorry randod and mika. Mik, you can say all your life that brazil isn't your team, yet they were obviously who you wanted to see play, so therefor i take it they are your team.
I don't agree with the diving thing. I don't like seeing it. I don't think italy dives that much. USA had quite a bit of dives themeselves, lets not go there.
Im sure you are refering to the "dive" in the italy australia game. Let me explain something. If the player lays in front of you, you have 2 choices, to jump over him and maybe land on him and hurt him, or to trip over him. If the australian chose to do that, then Grosso had all the right to trip over him. and it was a clear penalty.

I believe all the right teams, maybe except portugal and their sad show against holland, went through deservengly. (sp??) lol

So stop bashing italy just to make yourself feel better, punks. 3-0 vs a good ukraine team. Get outta here. Germany is an obstical, but i believe we have a very good chance. It is just gonna be decided by who plays to their fullest and who sits back after a lead.

My Prediction:

Italy 2:2 Germany

a first every draw in the world cup 2nd jk

5:4 Italy on penalties after.

its gonnnna be a good one!!!

At 02 July, 2006 22:25, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, I have not commented yet, maybe cause I am a girl and I did not want to intrude into a healthy male debate, even though I have seen most of the games. However, the debate has left the boundaries of "healthy", so here I go.
Goga, dude, I know that you like Italy but there is limit to it.
I mean if Italy does not win the World Cup (which is probably gonna be the case) what are you gonna say then?
I know that Ukraine is out, but I could not be anymore proud of them. Yes, they lost to Italy, but that was their First World Cup EVER. I am not denying that Italy is a decent team, but that does not mean that all other teams suck. I guess it is easy to cheer for a team that is doing pretty good, so when Italy looses who is gonna be "your" team next time. Sorry, if I came on too strong, but you sound like you are either coaching that team or play for them.

At 03 July, 2006 08:54, Blogger Goga said...

ouch lilia lol ....that was way too cold.....i didn't say anything against Ukraine, i like them alot, and getting to the Quarterfinals is a big accomplishment. Now lets not make a HUGE deal out of that, because if you, like you said, saw their games, you know that they didn't exactly deserve to get there either. I wont go there.

Italy on the other hand won all games except one when they had an own goal. Did not conscede any goals from other teams. If they lose to Germany, they will still be my team. You can ask anyone, they were my team last world cup, when they went out in the first round, and the world cup before that. THat is only when armenia and russia aren't in of course. Don't tell me please that I'm cheering for a team that is doing pretty good for 2 reasons.

First, Nobody thought italy would get to the semi's. Everybody thought it would be brazil, argentina, germany, england...usa lol randod!

Secondly, they are not doing "pretty good", they are doing really good, as i described earlier.

I think italy has a very good chance against a very good germany team. I never said that all the other teams suck, if you read through all my posts.

I don't coach them or play for them, but i, like the other millions of Italy's fans like to think that when they win, i win too, thats just how the fan thing works.

You did not come on too strong, i understand how what i posted may have been misinterpreted as me saying that everyone else sucks, but that just is not the case.

Italy may lose tuesday, im not saying they wont, but from what i thought, this blog was where opinions were soppoused to be stated, im sorry if some of you took offense to it obviously.

peace out.

At 03 July, 2006 09:57, Blogger bla said...

Gog I'm gonna give you your words in saying "if you read through all my posts" you'll see that I said that Brazil isn't my team. You said they are who I wanted to see play... of course I wanted to see play. Go read my post, as I said earlier EVERYONE likes to see Brazil play. Even you. You can say no, Italy is my team, but you still like to see Brazil play. It's a team with unique ability to make it to every world cup and somehow almost always make it pretty far. Didn't you say Italy - Brazil final? Does that make them your team as well? Don't make conclusions then tell others not to! Once again, I love Brazil, I love to see them play, but this world cup I didn't care if they didn't win. The only thing I was dissappointed is how they lost and even more who they lost to.

As far as the whole thing with the dives - every team dives. Some more than others. It's not pretty, it's not very nice, it's not cool, but when it gets the job done - nobody who is cheering for the team will care. You might say "yeah it wasn't very pretty... but we won!!! woohoo! Drinks all around!" I'm not saying I like it, just saying that it's always there. I was watching Brazil - Ghana with a guy from Ghana and when I was praising his team for playing really good he said "yeah they are playing good and all, but it doesn't get the job done. I'd rather they get the job done." And that's what the coaches want. They want the job done one way or another. And if the team can do it while at the same time displaying beautiful soccer - well even better. I guess in saying this you can say I'm defending Italy because they don't play beautiful soccer, they defend well and that usually gets the job done.

At 03 July, 2006 13:13, Blogger Random said...

You had to put USA in there, didn't you gog? Big mistake. Baton down the hatches, 'cos here it goes:

At least I didn't get slammed by a chick!!! hahaaa. Nice time to enter the fray Lilia!

Now, come on, don't dis the US, they are the only ones who forced a goal on Italy. You can't deny that. 10 on 9 with tie result isn't that bad for a sucky team.

Italy and Portugal dive more than most teams, that's all I'm saying. Yes, all teams dive, but Italy just more. Come on, you can't deny your team's well-deserved and well-known reputation. Just admit how you win games: with a bunch of diving pansies more concerned with beautiful hair than beautiful football.

Mika, you get a little message too. :-> Get off the fence!!! You missed your calling in life. You should have been a politician. I haven't seen a more neutral position since Switzerland in World War 2. Come on, stop commentating and get behind a team! Who do you like? All we know so far is you hate France.

Fellas, one more comment. In 2010, let's all go together to South Africa and debate in the local bars/stadiums while we watch the games. See you there!!!

At 03 July, 2006 14:54, Blogger Goga said...

HAHA somehow i knew this was im in for 2010, althogh who knows what will be going on in my life then! every world cup its some different stage of life it seems! I'll be 25, hard to imagine! oh well!

Randall, im sorry, i just don't agree with you. Italians aren't known for diving. At least we dont b*tch about hot weather, hard teams, every little thing in the world cup...we just get on with it, win world cups...(3...almost 4) lol and do it up.

gett err donnnnneeee AZZURRRIIII!!!!

haha im down for 2010! for shizzle! you need to make you way out here to the east coast, randod! we may not have nicklecade here haha but we got some sweet stuff to do around hurrr!

goga outtt!

At 03 July, 2006 16:45, Blogger Goga said...

and lilia, just for you lol:

"I have to admit we had deficiencies with our substitutes," said Blokhin after a goal from Gianluca Zambrotta and two from Luca Toni helped the Azzurri through to a semi-final with host nation Germany in Dortmund.

"Our substitutes were not of great quality and we did not have big stars like Italy - if we had had (Francesco) Totti or someone like him then maybe we would have had a chance.

"Maybe we should have taken him on loan - maybe we needed a Ukrainian Totti."

what a diss.....from own coach

At 03 July, 2006 18:44, Blogger gurgentus said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 03 July, 2006 18:47, Blogger gurgentus said...

lol, this is becoming into somewhat of a war :)
Only one day left, I have absolutely no idea who will win either of the games,
but just for fun: Italy against France in the final, with France becoming la Champion!
(Mik and Gog, I hope you both forgive me :)

Randall, 2010 it is!!!

At 03 July, 2006 18:52, Blogger Goga said...

Well i forgive you gurgen, but i do not forgive...france!!! or PORTUGAL! which is my pick to go down to ITALY in the final! YES!


Italy wins on penalties AGAIN!

At 03 July, 2006 19:12, Blogger Random said...

I'm taking the sure money this time: Germany vs. France in the final:

Germany wins!!!!!! 3-1


At 03 July, 2006 23:42, Blogger Lilia said...

Alright, I did not post that comment to heat up the situation even more, I actually felt pretty bad about that. What can I say, I am just not a mean kinda girl :)
It is kinda cool to have this kind of discussion going on though, I mean we have like 44 comments so far, amazing.
I personally hope that Germany wins, no offense to anyone who doesn't (Goga) It has been great watching the World Cup, I had to make time between classes and work to wacth it, lol. I even had my friends texting me the score when I was in class, now that's what I call a REAL FAN, lol. jk.

At 04 July, 2006 09:20, Blogger bla said...

Hey now I've said from the beginning of this cup that I'm not really cheering for any specific team and I'm sticking to that. Neutral is good dod just look at Switzerland and how good they're doing! If that's what neutrality will bring me - I'm all for it! lol jk. Anyways predictions:

Germany - Italy 1:0
France - Portugal 3:1

Germany - France 1:0

At 04 July, 2006 09:21, Blogger bla said...

Oh and I've been told many times I should have become a lawyer? Now politician? lol maybe I really did miss my calling in life! :P

At 04 July, 2006 09:43, Blogger Goga said...

anybody tell you, you should become a hairdresser? i think it would be most appropriate for you....

At 04 July, 2006 10:13, Blogger bla said...

wow Gog, that was a good one. I'm insulted like never before? lol I'm gonna go buy that J30 now... and ram your car over with it. No big loss to me since it's so ugly and maybe it'll get a little prettier after the ramming.

At 04 July, 2006 13:07, Blogger Goga said...

it'll get a little "prettier" after....

...thanks for proving my point, mik lol

At 04 July, 2006 17:14, Blogger Lilia said...

Mika, no offence, but Goga's comment about you becomming a hairdresser made me laugh out loud, lol. I guess I kinda imagined it for a second too, jk.
If it makes you feel any better, I cannot see you becoming anyone else but a professional geek ...uh... I mean computer programer. lol.


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