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World Cup continued

I had to start a new post for this. Ah, sweet revenge, even though I didn't throw a single stone. I haven't been out here hype-ing the US, I don't think they are great. But the irony and the hard record (assuming the blog stays up :p ) of all of your hating comments is too hard to pass. Mika, since you and I were just having a nice conversation, you are excluded.

Ahhh, it is so nice that all of you (namely denis & Goga) get to sit back now and eat your words!!!! Ha-haaaaa!!!! We just tied one of the powerhouses in Europe. AND we were down a man for the 2nd half.

I will accept apologies by the way, although I do agree that the commentating is totally biased and way off when it comes to US.

Goga, did you catch Ghana today?....hmmmm Can we talk again about the toughest group? Please, just admit when you're wrong. Name a tougher group.

All I know is that we still have a chance (although a very slim one after watching Ghana today) to come out of the group. And that is assuming that Italy will beat Czech.

By the way, did I mention you all came to the US to live? Freedom of speech (may be a new concept for you) is great I know, but come on, show a little respect to your gracious hosts. Is it really that hard for you to hope that the USA does well?

With love,


P.S. This is a very over the top tongue-in-cheek posting and is not meant to be offensive to some of my favorite people. :->

posted by Random on Sunday, June 18, 2006


At 18 June, 2006 04:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job for USA to tie with Italy. I said that this match will show is USA is worth the World Cup and the showed that they are.

I still do not believe that they will get out of the group (second your point about how Ghana played). But who knows, I did not expect these kind of outcomes from many games in this World Cup already.

Sorry that I can't cheer for USA in this World Cup. It's quite hard to do when the country itself doesn't care about the "Football World Cup". But until this changes I can't be excited about USA team winning. Sorry.

Here is a quote from an American guy (I can try to find his address for those that want to hurt him ;) - "What's with all this hype about soccer, not like it's played in any countries that matter anyway."

Maximus, the change toward this sport will only come from people like you that really care :)

I personally cheer for Brazil and Argentina because I want to see a sweet final game between these two amazing teams.

P.S. I'm so excited about Brazil vs. Australia. That should be a very interesting game.

At 18 June, 2006 09:35, Blogger bla said...

lol well talk about crazy! Ghana was AMAZING out there which might not be too good for the US. However that group right now is the most undecided because after 2 games each any of the teams still have a chance to get out!

As for US vs. Italy I believe that game was ruined by one single man - the ref. None of the red cards were deserved if you ask me. Not even the first one, although many people might argue the point. Yes he did hit with his elbow and there was blood, but it was in the air and unintentional. Usually red cards are for obvious intentional ones. As far as for the US red cards - I thought first one he just did because he wanted to even things out, then he got the second one and that was just plain stupid. As far as the gameplay Italy wasn't their best, but played good still and the US played like 10000 times better than their first time although I gotta say that the big hope Donnovan is doing absolutely nothing and they should take him out and put someone else instead.

I also thought what Denis said is true that mostly the dislike of the team comes from people here that do not care at all about their team or soccer in general and are so against it. The attitude makes you think well then why should I cheer for that team that even most of the natives don't care about instead of the teams that I've cheered for before (like the Czechs - I've loved that team since 96).

All in all Randod has this round lol

At 19 June, 2006 10:54, Blogger Goga said...

ok...same kinda disclaimer, as this is not directed at anyone, just a mere opinion. IF YOU ARE 21+ YOU MAY READ THIS, OTHERWISE CLOSE THIS THREAD....jk

When I predict a score, or a team not getting out of a group, I base it on their performance in the past, if they would've played against italy like they played against czecks, right now commentators would be praising them on being the last team int eh world cup, but "doing a great job" at it. Nevertheless, they stepped up their game, it was a completely different team and all props to them.

I stand behind my statement about group of death, which is Argentina, Serbia, Ivory Coast and Netherlands. Now just because it didn't come down to the last game in those groups doesn't mean that its NOT the group of death. It actually gives it much bigger reason of being one.

I watched Ghana play, yes. THey, like USA, brought a completely different game to Czecks. YET, they won. Put apart the all red cards and everything, i will talk about that later. USA didn't win and if you're gonna bring up the man advantage, i will say that USA STILL HAS NOT SCORE ON EUROPEAN SOIL. The goal was an OWN goal, meaning scored for them. But im not a person to make a big deal out of that, because a point is a point, but just something to think about.

NOW, italy game. First red card was bull, it was completely unintentional, and there are parts of the nose you don't have to hit very hard to have so much blood. a small cut could make you have so much blood. Second red card on Mastrioni was bull. It was a make-up call and I hate that stuff. Now, to me, the third red card was the most fair of all, and not saying that any of them where fair. But lets just put all the cercamstances to the side, Pope had a yellow, he DIDNT get the ball, no matter what the papers say, i saw the replay, he went with 2 feet and got all player. Now, we've seen alot of thse tackles and they always got a yellow. I agree that the ref knowing that Pope had a yellow already should've gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave just a free kick, but all that to the side, that was a yellow card challenge and 2 yello's add up to a red.

Overall USA played better in Game 2, yet italy did not play good was a big part of that too. Nevertheless USA partially got the result they wanted, so good for them, let us see how they do against Ghana.

My prediction 2:1 Ghana wins. Yet I see how USA could possibly steal this win and advance. Good Luck USA.

I dont think living in a country makes any different about you liking the sports tehy play. I live here, yet I work and I pay taxes (25%%%%!!!!!) and I believe I am allowed to rute for any country or against any country.

I agree with Dennis, part of my dislike is knowing that there is no respect for this sport in the country, and I doubt team USA will change this at all. I mean, they got to Quarter Finals last world cup!!! and nothing, in most countries who are new to the game, this would be a great deal. Nope, plus MLS is weak. For them to do good, they need a good league.

Anyway, just like randod said, no offense to anyone, i love you all, but I stand by every word and statement I made.

-Italy's #1 Goga haha


At 19 June, 2006 12:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found it.

They have ESPN2 with all the games and it's not as slow as that SOP Program.

At 21 June, 2006 23:15, Blogger Random said...

Wow, you guys posted really cool responses!!! and I think I totally agree with all of you. I understand your point about the arrogance of a lot of small-minded Americans, but thank you for not grouping the "cultured" of us in with those losers.

Now, I will say this about Pope. He sucks, and he was so aggressive in the first half, I think it was a major mistake for Coach Arena to leave him in. That was mistake #1 by Arena. #2 was not using the last substitution in the last 15 minutes of the game. You guys saw how tired everyone was, US had 9 guys but still were fairly aggressive. Why not put fresh legs out there and see what happens?

Anyway, Ghana has no strikers for tomorrow, and they don't have a clue what to do when they are near the goal. Man, they should have won 6-0 against Czech. But, they are still damn fast, and will probably run circles around US for the first half. I predict 2:1 for the red, white, and blue. It'll all be over in 12 hours.

Oh, and just for the record, I wrote down on paper (you can ask Esteban) my prediction of 1:1 US/Italy prior to the game.

Beasley sucks, get him out of there. I predict Donovan will have a good game.

w00t Argentina v. Brasil in the final.

At 22 June, 2006 06:31, Blogger Goga said...

35 mins till the games behin!!! im freakin psyched!!! too bad i cant watch it =[....stupid work....hope you guys are up and kickin!!!! you at work, randod?? denis? bla, ur proabbly sleeping, punk! you had 2 jobs, and you took none! lol niceeee.....anyway, 33 mins baby!!

At 22 June, 2006 09:05, Blogger Goga said...

well randod, we can forget your 2:1 prediction for the red white and the blue. lol mine can still hold true but i seriously doubt it, the way this game is going. Props to US for hanging in there, 45 mins to go!! cant believe im missing this gamee!!! =[!

At 22 June, 2006 10:01, Blogger Goga said...

Noah (Minneapolis, MN)
Someone needs to tell the US the goal is not 20 feet suspended in the air.

Adam (...)
Who would have guessed that the Czech's would not advance after whupping the US 3-0?

Lou (Boston)
Donovan is not a superstar....he failed twice in the Bundesliga (don't tell me he wants MLS above all other leagues....that's a crock)

Carter (Highlands Ranch, CO)
unless there is 20 minutes of stoppage time, we have NO chance

Pat (STL)
Look at it this way, this just saves us from being rocked by Brazil

Jon (DC)
I hate how soccer has so many fakers and divers. If you have to be carried off a field, you better have a broken bone or a blown knee. Have a little respect for yourself. It makes the players look like wimps

Lance (Charleston SC)
Thanks for playing Yanks, we've got some nice parting gifts for you.

Jamaal (Los Angeles)
98 all over again

Paul (SLO, CA)
Donovan and Beasley should be completely embarrassed by how awful they played in the Czech game and this game. Terrible.

Patrick (Chicago)
There's a losers' bracket right?

Keith (Grand Rapids)
I feel a wave of whining reports about bad refs coming on. With all th U.S. crying that is about to happen I am going to get my umbrella now.

Joe (Columbia, SC)
Loser's bracket = MLS

Tom (Chicago)
Very disappointing for the US. I think Arena is a good coach, but we need a more attacking style. Time for a change.

Crossing into the 88th minute, time running out ...

Jeremy (NH)
oh we can wait another 4 years to get our hopes up and have them dashed to the ground, we arent that good and frankly it will be awhile till we are.

Dave (Michigan)
Can we take out the goalie for an extra attacker!!! JK

Alex (Lewisville, TX)
Hello, we're the United States, and we're ranked FIFTH in the FIFA world rankings.

Mark (Cincinnati)
Arena must go! Hire Juergen Klinsmann after Germany cans him.

Adam (...)
Why did Landon NOT shoot? Pathetic!

Patrick (Dallas)
Hey, we ALMOST got a shot!!!

Steven (Toronto)
Shoot the ball Donovan!!!!!!

Matt (Houston)
0-0-11 attack time

Paul (New Jersey)
If we get a goal now .. there is still small hope

Patrick (Dallas)
Since Ghana has their ENTIRE team in the box at this point, I'm pretty sure we aren't getting a quality shot off

sorry randod =[.....i feel for you man....respect to you for sticking with your team! that took guts! but i believe my prediction was right on the dot lol...dont ask me how i do it....its a gift....don't need to apologize to me, bud....if it aint hope we got, what is it?? thats waht separates us from AAAZZZURRRIIIII....sorry lol nothin but love for ya, randod

At 22 June, 2006 11:47, Blogger bla said...

Man well good prediction dod, just the wrong way :P Funny comments gog lol although I disagree about Arena being a good coach. Donovan sucks and has got to go. I haven't watched any US games outside of the US cup, but watching these I have no idea how they decided that he's their leader...

I didn't watch the US game because I wanted the Czechs to win so I watched that. Unfortunately another red card and well Italian defense, and finally A.C. Milan players such as Gatusso, Pirlo and the man who just can't not score no matter how old he gets - Pippo! I was crying inside for Nedved - one of my favorite players of all times, but I guess that's life.

Ghana was outstanding from what I hear and it sucks that they have to face Brazil next round... lol.

On the funny note my mom said my dad's secretary was talking to her and said "soccer just isn't for us, it's more like for kids." Yes Ms. secretary that's why there are half a billion watchers (and most likely more this year) that watch the final of the world cup. hehe.

At 22 June, 2006 15:17, Blogger bla said...

Well well well, how about that Brazil game! Rooooonaaaaldoooooooooooooooo!! He's back! hehe. I called both of the goals and in the end I was like give him his hat trick!! But I guess that was a little too much hehe. I love that team no matter what and today they showed how it is to play.

Gog I know this is gonna hurt, but this team did so much better without Adriano (not a big fan of that punk) and not just because he plays for Inter. Robinho did so much better today and I mean Ronaldinho... well he has the two times fifa player of the year awards saying everything about that. What a game!

Big upset - Croatia, another one of my teams that I have so much respect for, wasn't able to keep that lead although props to Australia they've had those comeback shockers.

All in all - amazing game Brazil! I just can't stop thinking about it :D

At 22 June, 2006 15:41, Blogger Random said...

Australia played amazing, and with so much aggression! (Although he was offsides on last goal) That was probably the best game of the World Cup so far to watch. But man, Croatia just fell apart in the end.

Goga, nice comments, I agree with some. I think Arena has to go. Ultimately USA just has no go-to player who they can count on. We have no star. Just look at how few SOG's we took! I mean, our "star" Reyna looked like an ass with the ball, and then to go off with injury just adds to it. One highlight was the one goal we scored of the WC. Beasley showed up for like 10 seconds and then disappeared again. Obviously I'm pissed about the PK, but that's the game, US made too many mistakes to deserve victory. Ghana was just better, and got the win.

I don't know what it's going to take to change the attitude by a lot of americans, but it's clear that until we do change our attitude, we will always be the laughing stock of FIFA.

Did you see the party in the streets of Ghana? Their lives were on the line. But for USA, most ppl are like "Oh, we lost? it's for kids anyway."

It sucks, man.

Anyway, Brasil is awesome, collision course with Argentina.

At 22 June, 2006 19:09, Blogger bla said...

Just wanted to say that the guy said that they turned the factories off in Ghana to make sure there's electricity for everyone to watch!

At 22 June, 2006 21:22, Blogger gurgentus said...

I think it is now time for my two cents. Australia game was very exciting. Sorry Mik, but in my heart I was always rooting for them.

Regarding the US, I think as Reyna rightly mentioned in one of his interviews after the game the expectations by US commentators and media were way too high and the team was overhyped. US is not Brazil and cannot expect to advance playing half-heartedly. They needed to fight for the whole 270min, but did that only in Italy game. US has a good team, but not on the level of the football powers (yet). As we saw this was the hardest group of the tournament, and I am sure in some of the other groups US could've advanced. The other thing is US needs to play more friendlies with good teams. I mean out of the really good teams they only played against Germany a couple of month ago. So I wouldn't really blame it on players or the coach. Obviously Beasley isn't gonna be as fast and effective against Czechs as he is against Guatemala or something. Same with Donnovan. They are good players (Beasleys pass today was absolutely terrific), but at some point you have to say that maybe US is not ready yet.

I am really disappointed with the refs though. Today's game was refereed by one of the best refs around (one of your favorites Mik), and he completely messed it up, and in US - Italy game, while technically all of the red cards are explainable the ref there could've kept the last two in his pocket.

Oh yeah and let's see what Shevo (or is it Sheva) can do tomorrow :)

At 23 June, 2006 06:29, Blogger Goga said...

honestly, and you don't have to believe me, and say that i'm only saying this now that US is out, but I did gain some respect for USA in this world cup. It was a very tough group, i mean, come on, CZEKS didn't go through!! US came out with 1 point, and 1 goal yes, but they showed charecter, which they did not shwo in the last world cup.

I agree with gurgen, they do not play any serious teams in friendlys. And while denialating some bad teams before the world cup upped their confidence and shot them down in the first game when they played against an all star european team. They said, even australia wants to be in asia qualifying, not oceania, because it is too easy in their qualifyinf group right now. adn I agree with you randod, you do need a finisher.

Speaking of the devils....Australia did awesome!!! i love that team!! man!! sorry mik, but they deerved to win, they fought really really hard in both games. And my man Kewweeelllllll came through yet again baby!!! man, looking at this australian team all i can think about is Leeds, remember that team??? haha kewell, viduka! for people that are new to soccer now probably don't even know who they are :(....hopefully juve stays in seria a and it doesn't happen to them to!

I agree with all of you, cards are flashing like its fourth of july. I mean, come on, lets see a game without a red card and a penalty kick for once. I know it makes good television, but jeesh.

As for the brazil game, no offense taken mik, i know adriano hasn't performed at a world cup level yet, but once he scores a game winning goal, you will be singing his praises, well you probably wont just because he is from Inter, but in yourself you will. That's just how it is. You knock them down when they suck, you praise them when they're good.

GOING GOING GHANA!! lol that was halarious lol

At 23 June, 2006 10:20, Blogger bla said...

lol great comments gurgentus and gog. The ref situation is just out of control! Someone needs to glue those cards to their pockets or maybe start charging the refs for every bad card or something! Then they'd be much more reluctant to do the crap they pull off every time. I just finished watching the Ukraine game and man was that a dissappointment. I mean the only reason I still wanted them to win is because of Tunisia's coach... I hate that french pedik (just like the rest of his football buddies lol). Once again... ref ruined it all by giving a lame first yellow. The second was deserved, but first one wasn't. And then Sheva Sheva Sheva lol nice dive. All in all hopefully they play better in their knockout game.

Finally Spain lol that was hillarious how they rested EVERY SINGLE ONE of their 11 players! Even the goalie! And they still won lol. Props!

And of course I can't wait to see France go down one more time and go home. Maybe by next world cup I'll start respecting their team since all the major douchebags will be gone (no need for names I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about).

Last comment on the US team. Today the guy on ESPN said something that I've said since game 1 for the US - Arena and Donnovan should go play chess or something. lol AMEN!

At 23 June, 2006 10:29, Blogger gurgentus said...

lol, I think Ukraine should be ashamed to even show up in the Round of 16 game.

At 23 June, 2006 11:36, Blogger Goga said...

Graham Poll's World Cup looks to be over after the referee blundered by giving one player three yellow cards in last night's match between Australia and Croatia.

When asked about the incident Poll merely replied "math was never my favorite subject"

At 23 June, 2006 12:41, Blogger gurgentus said...

lol, this world cup has been a referees nightmare. Graham Poll is a very experienced ref. Where is Fantomas when you need him :)

At 23 June, 2006 13:27, Blogger Goga said...

they are probably saving him up for the final, i mean, at the pace we are going, we will not have any referees very soon. lol

The world’s finest officials will be on show in Germany in the summer of 2006 as they endeavour to make the 18th FIFA World CupTM a model of its kind.

17 February 2005

“Our objective is to see top performances. This unique programme will help us to ensure that truly the best officials are used at the 2006 FIFA World CupTM,” Blatter declared in his welcome speech.

22 June, 2006

Fifa has admitted that major mistakes have been made by referees at the World Cup.
President Sepp Blatter, who had already publicly criticised the standard of the assistant referees, now wants to review the way every official is chosen and assessed.

The prime objective of the preparations is to ensure optimal and consistent refereeing at the 2006 FIFA World CupTM was consistant allright lol

So Graham, with your vast footballing knowledge, can you give us any tips for the tournament?

My tip is to watch all the games - there’ll be some good football! I will make sure of it ;)

At 23 June, 2006 15:22, Blogger bla said...

rofl math...

So on to todays matches! One in particular anyways - France!

I was hoping that this would be their last game this tournament, I mean think about it - Zidane not playing, it's his birthday, it's Viera's birthday, and it would have been nice if Barthez made a huge mistake and Togo won! Everything was going perfect - for those of you who don't know Zidane, Viera and Barthez are my top 3 hated players of all times lol.

But France won 2-0 and moved on... shame... However why did they win? Well if you ask me (and this is not the hater talking - not fully anyways) it's because Zidane wasn't playing. The old fart sucks nowadays and can't do anything. The second reason of course was what I've been singing from day 1 and that's why isn't Trezeguet playing! Finally they let him out and look how many opportunities he created. Anyways Viera had a good day which always means a bad day for me - yes I'm a hater and I admit it! lol


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