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Randall on ESPN

So I don't know how many of you have ESPN/ESPN 2, but you can see me playing basketball against the best streetballers in the country in the AND 1 mixtape tour. LOL it was a pretty fun thing, I was one of 3 ppl chosen out of 500 to be on the opponent team, but of course we're just there to be props for the real stars. Fun all the same. Check me out in a couple of weeks when the Salt Lake City tour stop airs.

posted by Random on Friday, June 16, 2006


At 16 June, 2006 10:25, Blogger Goga said...

holy crap!!! move over dwayne wade!!!! haha thats awesome, randod! ill look forward to it!

At 18 June, 2006 09:37, Blogger bla said...

dude I don't have cable so you'll have to let me know when it starts so I can check it out! Congrats dod! I'll point you out to my friends and say "I played with that guy a bunch of times!" lol


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