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Firefox Cheatsheet.

Extremely usefull for both new and experienced users. I thought I knew all shortcuts but apparently not (Ex: Back -> Shift + Scroll Down).

Try it out. It really makes a difference once you start using it.

Actual cheatsheet.

posted by Anonymous on Friday, June 23, 2006


At 23 June, 2006 18:57, Blogger Random said...

Thank you for this one denis. Big help. The html cheat sheet is now a bookmark thanks to Ctrl+d. :->

At 25 June, 2006 11:15, Blogger bla said...

Nice Denis! I didn't know about shift+scroll either! But I usually used f7 for something like that (: I love that option that adds the cursor into the browser and you can browse just like you would a normal document. Great stuff!

At 16 September, 2009 01:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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