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SIW - System Properties on crack

Whether you just like to know more about your computer, or you fix your friends computers all the time, usually one of the places you go is the system properties which lists the details about your computer, has the hardware devices and some more. Introducing SIW - System Info for Windows - system properties on steroids! It has all the info on your computer you'll ever need whether you want to access your Microsoft Product Licenses or you want to see your startup programs, whether you'd like to see the loaded Dlls or the shared Dlls, and the list keeps going and going! You have to get it to really understand all the capabilities. The program is simply one executable - no installation required so check it out for yourselves!

posted by bla on Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gmail rocks again and again!

About a months ago I heard one of the best news about Gmail ever. They were planning to gradually implement POP3 mail checking of other email systems.

You could ask "why the hell should we care?" The answer is simple. If you're using multiple email accounts on different systems (hotmail, yahoo and etc) you noticed that simply forwarding messages to Gmail will not solve the problem of disabled accounts (each of those systems has inactivity timer, 1-3 months for most systems after which your account is disabled and/or canceled). POP3 mail checking on the other hand is considered activity by all mail systems.

After finding out about Gmails new feature I was disappointed to find out that it wasn't enabled in my account. But now it is! Now Gmail is a true replacement for desktop mail application.

Happy Gmailing :)

P.S. The limit is 5 accounts but for most of us it should be enough.

posted by denis on Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Y Mountain

Here are some new pics. We went to a Russian Dance at BYU, and after that drove up to the Y mountain parking lot, and of course did not go any higher than that :)

Cool picture, isn't it? (Roma, Karen, Stas, Svetlana, Lilia, Vanya)
Vanusha and I

Lilia, Karen, Vanya, Azat, Karina, Svetla, Stas

posted by Lilia on Monday, February 05, 2007