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The last 4 games of WC 2006 !!!

This is a new thread just for these 4 last games.

5 minutes left till the kick off for the first one (Germany vs. Italy). Go Germany!!!

posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 04, 2006


At 04 July, 2006 15:42, Blogger Lilia said...

The first thought I had when Italy scored: "Oh, Goga must be peeing his pants right now, he is so happy." Good job Italy, especially on the last minute with a second goal. I cannot say I am not mad though, I am even gonna go get some fast food. (That means I am in mourning)

At 04 July, 2006 16:01, Blogger Goga said...

im gonna give people some time to think of excuses...and apologize on here...ill post later tonight...

At 04 July, 2006 17:04, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, Italy has not won the world cup yet, has it now. I don't think I want to be nice after your comment. You will receive an "apology" only after Italy wins, although I don't see how anyone should apologize for their point of view.

At 04 July, 2006 21:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suck at predictions (Or maybe I still have hope).

Let's try this, I'll say that Portugal will win and then we'll all see France in a final :D

At 05 July, 2006 14:17, Blogger bla said...

I'm not apologizing! I don't see why anyone should! I agree with Lilia and as you said Gog I thought this blog was for people's oppinions. But! I will say that all in all good job Italy. They played well, although so did Germany, and the goal was just amazing. Second goal was of course great too and just because it was Del Piero who I have respect for, but it was obvious and not surprising. The Germans weren't going to defend anymore - all attack. This was perhaps second great matchup after Germany - Argentina.

I only had one thought as the game went on - Italy came out with 1 attacker... SAME MISTAKE as Brazil did vs. France and they almost paid the price just like the Brazilians, but they brought in second attacker in and look what happened! Not that it was an attacker who scored, but still. However Brazil should be even more ashamed, because 1 forward is NOT their usual formation and they changed it just for the French... COWARDS! Italy has played with 1 attacker a lot because they're such a defensive team, so for them it was ok... but still get some courage and play like men! Anyways not a diss on Italy, just something I've noticed this cup with teams that all of the sudden go defensive.

At 05 July, 2006 18:01, Blogger Goga said...

ok its time....don't give me this crap about opionions. I was the first one to point that out because you all got on my back about my here are some MORE OPINIONS:

Lillia -

"I mean if Italy does not win the World Cup (which is probably gonna be the case) what are you gonna say then?" - Lillia July 2, 2006 22:25

I'll think about that when we get there....July 5, 2006

"so when Italy looses who is gonna be "your" team next time"- Lillia July 2, 2006 22:25

when you have a good team, you don't have to worry about that, just one of those perks...

"Ok, Italy has not won the world cup yet, has it now." - Lillia, July 4, 2006, 17:04

It is plain obvious you are gonna say this after they win every match, so yea....

"from what i thought, this blog was where opinions were soppoused to be stated" - Goga, July 3, 2006 8:54

"don't see how anyone should apologize for their point of view" - Lillia, July 4, 2006, 17:04

hmmm interesting suggestion....

ok im done with you for now lol that is till we win on sunday, then there will be more lol

Randal -

"Goga, Italy is beatable. We've seen it time and time again, so I wouldn't be too confident even against Ukraine." - July 27, 2006 17:23

yea, what about Germany? oh wait, this just in, we beat them 2:0...oopsies....

"I'm taking the sure money this time: Germany vs. France in the final:

Germany wins!!!!!! 3-1" - July 3, 2006 19:12

yea, i dont think they're doing that anymore...maybe in the 3RD PLACE MATCH!!!! hahhahaha

ok, im done with you, but one more thing, you say that italy dives?? well HAHAHAH WHAT IF WE DO??? haha, go watch the final with donovan, i hear he's back in town HAHAHAHAHHA

Em -

I don't know you that well, man. But you had no problem lashing out against italy, and if you're italy's enemy, you're my enemy. Here goes:

"Ok... ITaly..... SUCKS!! I have FAITH!!! that we are going to win (ARGENTINA!)" - June 27, 2006 8:53

yup...good point...except yea...well i wont go there, but obvious who are THE LOSERS here..

and of course i had to save the best for

Mika -

"lol I hear all this Italy, Italy, Italy crap and nobody wants to talk about just how lucky the Italians were?" - June 27, 2006 8:14

well i guess luck DOES get you pretty far haha

"s far as Italy - Brazil final gog it won't happen for one thing, and IF say it does, then Brazil is guaranteed yet another cup. Why? Well simply because the Italians can't finish."

Italy 3:0 Ukraine
Italy 2:0 Germany


"Now I already know what your response is going to be "Italy has the best defense and can withstand even Brazil." While I agree with the defense point - it's not enough vs. teams like Argentina, Germany and Brazil " - June 29, 2006 7:36

Well, it was enough against germany, and germany beat argentina, and well we didn't get the chance to play brazil because FRANCE BEAT THEM IN THE QUARTERFINAL....BUT just for you, we will beat france in the final, who beat brazil. so there ya go...punk

gurgen and denis, you were fine with italy, except that video that denis posted, but ill let that slide!

to the rest of you, i leave you with this:

"Watch what you say, handle words carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs." -- Pearl Strachan

So, GOOD LUCK TO ITALY IN THE FInAL, enjoy your weekend, and go..can i say this mik?...=[ ok.....!!


At 05 July, 2006 23:02, Blogger Lilia said...

Well, Goga, I just hope that you sleep better at night after this, cause you sure got all the talking off your shoulders, or not yet?

At 06 July, 2006 06:33, Blogger Goga said...

not im definatly gonna catch up on the sleep i did not get from all of you bashing me for the last month, and don't try to make me feel guilty, you knew this was coming.

At 06 July, 2006 07:32, Blogger bla said...

Gog I can cut stuff out of anything and make it look bad. How about posting the whole thing? "lol I hear all this Italy, Italy, Italy crap and nobody wants to talk about just how lucky the Italians were? I mean come on penalty on the 93rd minute! If that's not lucky I don't know what is. Granted the penalty was deserved, but because it was 93rd he could have let it fly. Anyways no biggie." - I was commenting about the game Italy had just played, and they did get lucky no? Do you want me to go get some posts where you have no faith in France and they make it anyways? We can go at this all day. Italy did not DOMINATE Germany, it was an even game although as I already said after that game - Italy did play very well, especially when they changed their formation. There's a difference between bashing Italy and stating facts about how they played after a game.

You don't want me to start bashing Italy and I can counter every single one of your bashes about Brazil with France by throwing you the same bone about Italy vs France (Euro 2000 final anyone?) or even Brazil vs. Italy - go check the record on who has the most wins on that, or I didn't want to bring this up but I mean what happened in World Cup 2002? And I'm still not bashing because those are facts as well, bashing would be when I say Italy sucks - and I haven't said that because if you haven't noticed my favorite club is from Italy. So good luck to Italy in the final, I definately will enjoy my weekend and as far as the last advice, well you can go do it yourself ;) hehe

P.S. Are you guys coming down this weekend or what?!

At 06 July, 2006 07:57, Blogger bla said...

Oh yeah and one more thing. Remember how I said Toni hadn't scored and he does nothing for Italy? Well he might have scored vs. Ukraine, but he still hasn't stepped up. Yes I am gonna say it - he sucks. He's done absolutely nothing for Italy and their offense except for those 2 goals. And by doing nothing I don't just mean scoring goals, but creating situations where others have scored goals and things like that. Pipo came on the field for 10 minutes and scored a goal - that's at his age. Italy has had 9 different players score in this world cup - which proves my point that their offense is still struggling very much. After Vierri, (I'll put the ego away for a second) Baggio and Pipo, they have not had any good strikers.

I guess I'm even bashing on AC Milan's own Gillardino, but I'll stay true to my word. I have seen Gillardino play for Milan and he has not stepped up there either. He has scored, but nothing like a world class striker. He has yet to grow, and perhaps that's the case with Toni, but at the moment Toni is the worst "main starting" striker this world cup.

The only memorable moment I have of Toni is his innocent face and hands in the form of "mama mia" every time he is whistled for offside lol. For Italy's MAIN STRIKER - he sucks. Does that sound like a broken record now? lol ok I'll finish this with - I hope Pipo gets to play in the final, because even though he is selfish when it comes to goals, he scores them much better than any other of the strikers except for Iaquinta - he has done great as well.

At 06 July, 2006 15:34, Blogger Lilia said...

First of all, I am not trying to make you feel guilty.
Secondly, noone actually said that Italy sucks. Well, at least, I didn't. I said that you do, lol, jk.
Everyone stands up for their teams, and that's normal. I mean look at you, Goga out of all the people here you have been the most defensive and bashed on other teams more than anyone has on yours.

At 07 July, 2006 13:01, Blogger Goga said...

im in kent, in a computer lab, and i feel cool....

At 07 July, 2006 13:37, Blogger Lilia said...

A vot u menya polnoe tra-ta-ta. I just took a 100 question test and a quiz. Who gives a 100 question midterm, during a SUMMER term? lol.

At 09 July, 2006 18:57, Blogger Goga said...

Italy won.


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