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Adidas Golden Ball List

Hey since we're so spirited about this world cup, I wanted to post the "Adidas golden ball list" that has all the candidates on the golden ball this year. It's an award given to the best player of the world cup after each world cup and it doesn't have to be a player on the winning team.

Adidas Golden Ball List

I figured we can comment on all the candidates and give our oppinions on it!

posted by bla on Thursday, July 06, 2006


At 06 July, 2006 12:57, Blogger bla said...

Personally I'd love to see Klosse get both the boot (which he probably will unless one of the players on either team scores like 5-6 goals in the final game) AND the Ball. I think he was amazing at scoring and creating moments.

Now for the other players:
Henry - I don't think he deserves it. He has been cold this entire time and his only shining moment was that goal vs. Brazil (spectacular goal I admit). But still one game is not enough.

Zidane - I'm afraid this moron will get it if he steps up again like he has done for the past few games.

Viera - see comment about Zidane lol.

Ballack - he did really good, was a good leader, but I think there are some that deserve it more on the list than him. Although I love this player and it's a shame that from so many shots that he had, he didn't get any inside the net.

Klosse - I already talked about this one.

From all the mentioned Italians I'd prefer Pirlo because I think he's done so much for that Italian mid, scored and has had amazing asists (like the goal vs. Germany). Plus he plays for AC Milan :D. But of course all the others have done great too, Canavaro stepped up on the defense with Nesta gone and Buffon, well he's Buffon and that's enough said.

Maniche has been great for Portugal, but I don't think he's #1 on this list.

That's my oppionions though (: feel free to disagree.

At 06 July, 2006 21:38, Blogger gurgentus said...

I'll add some more:

Odonkor - I thought he was great for Germany, but he didn't play enough.

Ribery - along with Odonkor I think two of the players who were great and yet unknown before the tournament.

C. Ronaldo - this is probably somewhat controversial, but I thought he lifted Portugal's play along with Maniche.

At 10 July, 2006 06:40, Blogger gurgentus said...

lol, I didn't even see the shortlist, but anyway it looks like Zidanne has won it. If not for the red card I would completely agree, but I think he lost his cool there and maybe Cannavaro or Pirlo deserved it more after all.

At 10 July, 2006 07:17, Blogger Goga said...

1. Grosso
2. Cannnavaro
3. Zambrotta
4 Zidane
5. Ribery
6. Klose
7. Lehmann
8. Ronaldo
9. Figo

Grosso was the discovery for me. I think he stepped up like no other for italy. Their defense attacked, defended. It was unbelievable!


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