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Enhancing your experience with dual monitors

I have had dual monitors at work for a long time and luckily I've had an nVidia video card, which has a great utility that allows you to be pretty flexible with your dual monitors. However I've always had problems with the taskbar options and finally I was able to find an application that allowed me to customize my taskbar just the way I wanted. Introducing Ultramon. The application allows you to set your taskbar to stretch all the way AND (this is what makes it great) it'll only display the apps that are open on the respective monitor. It also adds items such as "maximize spanning both monitors" and "move to the next monitor" next to minimize, maximize and close buttons on every window. The application has a lot more options such as setting a different screen saver for each of the monitors and many others. The only drawback of the application is that it's not free. However if you'd like to try it, there's a trial edition. Alternitavely if you'd like to get a free program, there's another one called Multi-Monitor Taskbar which does a lot of the same things (I haven't tried this one). Anyways here are some screenshots that I took of my dual monitors:

posted by bla on Monday, November 20, 2006


At 21 November, 2006 12:08, Blogger Random said...

So why would I want to use dual monitors?

At 22 November, 2006 06:54, Blogger bla said...

Well I have to tell you I don't use it at home, but at work it probably increases my productivity by 200%. For one thing I do web stuff so I program on one side and I have a browser open on the other side and just refresh making the process much faster. You don't have to move windows around too much and it basically increases the width of your desktop. Once you go dual you'll never be able to go back to single trust me! (:

At 18 March, 2009 10:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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