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Backing up files to your email made easy!

Alright I think that all of us at one point or another have emailed a file to ourselves to make sure we have it backed up somewhere. I'm a big Gmail user and this is one of the great functionalities because of the size of the inbox that Gmail allows you to have (almost 3G now and growing every second). Well here's an application called "Backup To Email" that creates a context menu on the right click menu in windows called just that - Backup To Email. What it will do is send an email to your Gmail account with the file attached making it faster and easier instead of opening a new browser, logging into gmail, composing, etc etc. In addition (and this is what really attracted me to this app) it will break down any file that's bigger than 10MB into smaller sizes! Gmail does not allow attachments larger than 10MB, so this is required and "Backup To Email" will take care of this for you! I personally haven't tried it yet, but hopefully tonight when I get home. So enjoy it and leave comments on what you think (:

Backup To Email

posted by bla on Wednesday, November 08, 2006


At 11 November, 2006 01:36, Blogger Random said...

did you try this out yet?

At 11 November, 2006 20:27, Blogger bla said...

Still haven't tried it lol I'll throw a post here when I do.

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