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PS3's and Wii's and Gears of War

So! It's time to discuss the various consoles coming to market along with XBOX 360's Gears of War.

I think I will end up with a Wii AND a PS3 (more to come about how I'm getting those for free - hee-hee-hee) and Nico (my brother-in-law) has a 360, so I am as you can guess pretty excited about the console war going on.

PS3's launched in Japan today, and come to the US Nov. 17th, 2 days before the Wii, which hits on the 19th. Apparently almost no one in the huge lines outside of the stores even got a console b/c they sold out online so much.

Anyone thinking about buying one of the new systems or anyone else own a 360?

Nico, have you played Gears of War yet?

posted by Random on Saturday, November 11, 2006


At 11 November, 2006 20:23, Blogger bla said...

I've been playing on Xbox 360 every time I go to Michigan and it's pretty cool. Of course all we play is Fifa... lol.

PS3 we'll see. It definately is a huge hype. Sony sued an online company that imported consoles to Europe and shut down their entire site over it.

As far as Wii - well it's Nintendo so expect it to sell out in Japan and probably have amazing features. I mean just look at the DS and the great capabilities it has built in.

At 12 November, 2006 13:15, Blogger Nico said...

I picked up "Gears of War" on Wednesday, and I must say I can not be more impressed. I have not played mp yet but sp is amazing!!
The graphics overall, are by far the best I have seen in a console and the game goes @ 60fps at any given time. The gameplay is really cool as well, great action and storyline for a shooter game. To me it is a mix of "Halo" and "Rainbow Six", but with its own twist. You go around shooting monsters but have to be quite tactic or you'll go nowhere, so it is pretty intense.
This one is a keeper.

At 12 November, 2006 13:24, Blogger Nico said...

By the way Bla, if you ever wanna play some Fifa'07/Gears online my gamertag is "aero rider"
See you on Live!

At 12 November, 2006 20:27, Blogger Random said...

Nico, GoW sounds freakin awesome, mix of Halo and Rainbow Six, holy cow. I can't wait to play....

At 19 November, 2006 18:25, Blogger bla said...

Well Nico I don't have a 360 and honestly never did get into too many consoles. I do enjoy fifa though on the consoles, but nothing else other than that (: Might sound weird after I posted the whole thing about the Wii... lol but that's that (:

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