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Streaming music using iTunes

Alrighty! Many of you have known me for a long time and have gone through my different phases of streaming music online such as using Shoutcast and of course the great Hamachi VPN. Now the latest was nice because iTunes already supplied users access to the shared music on LAN and since Hamachi created a "Virtual Lan" (VPN) we could listen to eachother's music easily! Just had to get on Hamachi. Well this application might make it even easier!

Introducing MyTunesRSS. This application runs a server on the users machine which basically allows you to access your iTunes music and listen to it from anywhere as long as you can access your computer. Naturally all the port forwarding rules apply, but it's pretty much like shoutcast, but instead of Winamp you're using iTunes. Not that I have anything against using Winamp - that player has been my greatest ally for so long. I just like using iTunes because of its ability to sort out music nicely. Anyways! Check out MyTunesRSS and see what you think! Also let us know if you run a server so we can try to connect! I might run one sometime once I get settled in somewhere (who knows where that'll be).

posted by bla on Thursday, June 01, 2006


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