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Detention CS Style!

Another proof that all of us CS people are lazy slackers, and we find ways around the system!

I would like to give credit to the douchebag that found this picture and showed it to me - Rob (from the webcenter)

posted by bla on Monday, May 15, 2006


At 15 May, 2006 11:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats funny.

We had this comic hanging at the blackboard at out IT lab (at BYU) ever since I started. It really does describe IT, CS and whoever else is lazy and works with computers :)

At 16 May, 2006 08:59, Blogger Emanuel said...

I wish i knew programing when i was a kid!!!!

and by the way that is not a lazy way... ":) is an smart one LOL

At 17 May, 2006 08:31, Blogger bla said...

You know what Emanuel, now that you mentioned it I think I agree. Us CS, IT, and other tech people aren't lazy about the things we do, we're smart! Much closer to the truth. Thanks for bringing it out (:

At 19 May, 2006 07:33, Blogger Goga said...

agree to


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