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Happy Birthday Lilia!

I know we usually put an image of a birthday cake when we congratulate our fellow nikaks, but this birthday is special one. So happy 21st Lilia! Hope you don't really need this, but just in case (:

P.S. Please note that the beer is non-alcoholic...

posted by bla on Thursday, April 20, 2006


At 20 April, 2006 09:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrads from me too!!!

21 is a big step, now we can't call you a baby anymore. Although on the other hand you are still younger.... Baby... :)

Bla, even if it's non-alcoholic, she still might need what's on the second picture. It's like for hourses axcept for the fact that it doesn't kill her.

At 20 April, 2006 09:22, Blogger Lilia said...

Lol. You guys, I don't know what to say. You are just so sweet, lol.
Seriously, though. Thanks. It means a lot to me.
And, hey, you can't call me "baby" not today, and not unless you mean it in a cute kind of way, lol, jk.

At 20 April, 2006 09:30, Blogger Goga said...

haha happy birthday lilia....don't listen to these guys, there are many uses for that bucket...shaz tebe tolko nujen prodiravlini vazdushnii sharik shtob vnuter' klast'.....vxodit....i vixodit....vxodit...i vixodit...zameichatilno vixodit =]

At 20 April, 2006 09:33, Blogger Lilia said...

Thanks, Goga. That's very nice of you.
Blin, eto voobshe mojno bilo oposhlit, ili uje net hope dlya menya? lol

At 20 April, 2006 09:41, Blogger bla said...

This is what goga said when he posted it
"I hope she doesn't take it the wrong way"

This is what I replied
"She will because she's perverted like that"

At 20 April, 2006 09:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so pround....

It's all my bad influence !!!

Bla, how was it, 3 topics: "school ,perverted and gay"?

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