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Encrypting Bittorrent Traffic

For one reason or another many of us may need to encrypt our bittorrent traffic which hides the fact that you are using bittorrent traffic from your ISP. Now granted most of us probably don't need this since we have nothing to hide.... but JUST IN CASE here's a great article that tells you how to do it using the 3 most common used bittorrent clients Azureus, Bitcomet and uTorrent:

How to Encrypt Bittorrent Traffic

And as a side note I heard that uTorrent is an excellent bittorrent client and it does not hog your resources as much as Azureus does. Is anyone using uTorrent? I'll probably check it out soon, but I wanted to see if anyone has used it and what their thoughts are in comparison to Azureus.

posted by bla on Monday, April 17, 2006


At 17 April, 2006 15:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did encrypting of my traffic a while back and there were no noticable effects on performance.

There is only one problem, not all clients support encryption (only the major ones). But since most of the people use the 3-4 major clients you'll be fine.

At 27 December, 2009 20:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27 December, 2009 20:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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