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Looking for a new email?

So many email providers nowadays each offering something unusual, but all in all they're all pretty much offering the same crap. Not counting Gmail of course, Gmail is above all of the rest! However if you're looking for something, say extra and out of ordinary, check out this email provider:

posted by bla on Friday, May 12, 2006


At 14 May, 2006 14:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the site they mention some of the things that you get with the email address like not all forms accept it, well we can now add another one:

"On the address flows over the sidebar beacause it's so big."

At 15 May, 2006 12:47, Blogger bla said...

I didnt even look when I posted hehe. Good thing other posts pushed it down so now it's in the open (:

At 16 February, 2010 09:24, Blogger 新年快樂 said...


At 16 February, 2010 09:25, Blogger 新年快樂 said...



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