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Ah yes this one goes to the book of "outrageous lawsuits." Apparently some guy is suing Apple because he says that the iPod can cause hearing loss for the users and Apple doesn't have enough warnings on that. If this goes through I think I'm going to sue Dell because their computers hurt my eyes, make me lazy and play games instead of doing homework, stop me from getting my full 8 hours of sleep every night, hurt my homework, I mean do I need to continue? I think my reasons are much more valid than the guy who's suing Apple. What do you guys think? (:

posted by bla on Thursday, February 02, 2006


At 02 February, 2006 10:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, the Mc Donalds lady definitely has a lot of followers (*cough* morons *cough*).

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!

Btw, bla take me in with you I'll provide more proof and we'll all get rich.

At 02 February, 2006 15:48, Blogger Lilia said...

I am so annoyed when people do something like that and even more annoyed when they get tons of money out of it. I mean how stupid do you have to be to not realize that coffe when you first get it is HOT and if you spill it on your knees , it will burn; or better yet realize that fast food is fatning for you; or that cigarettes are bad for you and may cause cancer. I mean really. If I ever do become a lawyer I will devote my whole career to fighting those morans and make sure that they do not get a penny, lol.

At 03 February, 2006 10:57, Blogger teo said...

alright, everyone learned this in your ACC 200 class: what americans do if they dont like something? they sue.
actually my ipod video 30G has some issues and my itunes as well. i was downloading a series on itunes and i am stil downloading the same series now for couple of weeks. itunes has some serious problems. it downloads and then "an expected error occured." and then, my music skips in my ipod but it plays fine on itunes. weird. i checked the support forums and tons of guys have the same issues. we should all sue apple! what a heck, just by looking at byu campus, everyone has those white earphones, that means apple has tons of money. lets sue!


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