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music :: System of a Down (The Armenian Way)


Some bands might be good, some might be bad, but this one is definitely one of the best ever. To call it unique is to say nothing about the maturity of their style, complexity and intellectual quality of their lyrics. There are much more so read on.


Hard rock would be the closest style category, but their music is always so different that I don't dare dumping them in just one category. There are songs that are pure metal, slower rock and others which are so insane that they require a different style of itself. They are not afraid to say what has happened and what is happening (Armenian genocide is one example).


One last word:

Their new album called Hypnotize can definitely stand by the ultimate classics of theirs like "Chop Suey" and "Toxicity".

posted by Anonymous on Thursday, January 26, 2006


At 26 January, 2006 12:30, Blogger bla said...

Well first off - hayeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr hehe ok probably doesn't make sense to most... but oh well (:

I definately agree though. SOAD is awesome, they definately say what they think. I don't just like them because they're Armenian. In fact when "Chop Suey" came out I didn't even know they were until Randall told me that there was an armenian flag in the video hehe. Anyways! They actually released 2 albums recently - Mezmerize and Hypnotize. I heard it was going to be one 2cd album, but they decided instead to release 2 seperate ones. Denis pretty much said it all. Different styles, moods, topics in every song. Good stuff!

And one more time! hayeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr hehe

At 26 January, 2006 23:12, Blogger Lilia said...

Well, they are not exactly the type of music that I listen to every day (BSB 4ever, lol, jk), but I have to admit that they are pretty good. The other day, I was feeling like crap and I was listening to the music from Denis's iPod, so I decided to give it a try and listen to their song "Chop Suey" and believe it or not I liked and it made me feel better, all the screaming you know :)

At 26 January, 2006 23:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah... The music was very loud!

I was sitting and talking to my rommie and it was loud... very loud.

And since my headphones are very tiny it had to be loud; no wonder when she doesn't hear or understand me when I'm speaking (russian or english).

At 27 January, 2006 11:03, Blogger Goga said...

hayerrrR! lol great post dennis!!

Ok, let me tell you something about this band. To me, they completely transformed the understanding of hard rock for everyone. Even though some of their really hard parts are not my favorite, this band is so amazing, that you're willing to listen to that just so you get the chorus and those really catchy parts of the song. Their transitions from really hard stuff to more accoustic and soft rock in a song are amazing. Derfinatly agree with you guys, one of the best hard rock bands out there right now! Chop Suey and toxicity are of course classics, but Aerials is definatly my fav. song. Also good songs are Spiders,, there are so many!!! so go out and get the cd, cuz i hear they SOAD outttttt! haha

At 27 January, 2006 13:21, Blogger bla said...

really good points gog. Aerials - definately the best one totally agree. A lot of the lyrics are about different political issues between Armenia and their rivals. The old album had the song P.L.U.C.K. which was about the armenian genocide, now the new one has "Holy Mountains" which is also about the genocide/Mt. Ararat etc. Great stuff!

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