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pics :: Pics from the weekend

Here are some new pictures, I finally took some of cats that live with me. :) Sorry that there are so many. I got a little bit carried away with taking pictures of the cats. :)

DenisGame of Poker. Btw, I won (of course) lol

Me and Ashes (it is a girl)

More Ashes

She was not too happy to be woken up :)

This is JR (Junior) I did not name him that, lolThis cat is so huge that it covers my face :)

posted by Lilia on Monday, January 23, 2006


At 24 January, 2006 07:34, Blogger bla said...

We definately need a seperate picture section on the blog... lol jk Lilia. Nice pictures! My roommate's brother has an extremely fluffy cat kinda like one of those and he called it "Chubaca" lol. Hillarious cat. How are all the cats getting along together? My cat is a loner. When she was staying at my parents' place there was a cat that wandered in the apartment, so my cat went and started clawing it so bad that my mom had to pick up the strange cat and get her out (: One word for you - TIGER! hehe

At 24 January, 2006 13:02, Blogger Lilia said...

Cats are getting along just fine now. When the girl cat first came they nearly killed each other. I would not say that they are friends now, but the deal with each other :)

At 24 January, 2006 13:08, Blogger bla said...

That's more of a gender thing than cat thing... I mean the girl moves in and then it all goes downhill from there... lol jk :P

At 24 January, 2006 13:11, Blogger Lilia said...

Well, here is the thing. My cats, or my roommates, do not really have a gender anymore if you know what I mean. Both of them.

At 24 January, 2006 13:15, Blogger bla said...

I'm not sure I want to know lol

At 24 January, 2006 16:50, Blogger Goga said...


At 24 January, 2006 23:06, Blogger Lilia said...

Goga, you are gonna have to specify.

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