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pics :: Denis and his world

So, I decided to take some pictures of Denis, while he is playing games. They came out quite entertaining :)

Denis playing

Very intellectual face :)

I decided to hug him and take a pic while he is playing.
  1. I don't think he even noticed that I was hugging him, lol.
  2. His roommate made a comment that in this pic I look like I am hugging an autistic child lol.
Denis is very smart in reality, he is just very concentrated, in his own world kind of thing ;)

posted by Lilia on Friday, January 13, 2006


At 13 January, 2006 22:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not retarded! Really, I'm just a very special boy who likes to concentrate on what he does.

At 14 January, 2006 01:50, Blogger Lilia said...

I am not saying that you are retarted, I am just saying that you look funny when you concentrate, when you play games specifically, lol. :)

At 14 January, 2006 11:07, Blogger bla said...

lol Denis. It's a good thing there's nobody here to take a picture while I'm playing. Although someone should audio record when me and my roommate play. He gets into games (and I mean really into them) and then just goes off!

You definately do look like a "special" boy on those pictures denis :P lol jk

At 14 January, 2006 14:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When there are girls around I don't fully get into the game. If I would though, I bet you anything I would almost like your rommie. :)

Btw, is anybody up for some gaming or as always no time?

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