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Way back in the day when I just started using Google and it's search I was a kid that only knew how to type query in the search bar and pray for the right result (and that search engine read my mind and understood what I meant).

Now it's all changed. Now I use special operators all the time because they really help with speeding up the search process (My ultimate favorite is [define:]).

Now bla showed me another one [music:] which is very useful if you're searching for an artist information, lyrics and etc.

There are many other search operators that I use on the regular basis but I'm not going to list them all here. Instead I recommend you follow this link to Google help page that has a list of all of them with short explanation.

It's like learning shortcuts for programs that you use most often: Once you try you don't understand how you have been living without them!

posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, January 10, 2006


At 11 January, 2006 15:20, Blogger bla said...

I love all the things Google has to offer. It really does change the way you search when you know the little tricks. Less time wasted going through all the search results.

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