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txt :: VPN made simple (very simple [beyond simple (...)])

So we've all (I guess not all but some) heard of this scary word: VPN. Let me first explain what it does.

VPN allows you to be on the same secure (LAN) network with any computer around the world. But the problem is that for average user it's hard to configure. :(

Well... This little app needs no configuration. Just install and start using :)

Let me just describe possibilities:
- Join in with friends and listen to their iTunes shares wherever they are
- Secure FTP
- Access internet through one of your other computers (Em you'll like this for your torrents, I'll post a tutorial once I'm done setting it up for me)
- Secure file sharing that no one can trace
- Play games on LAN with people no matter where they are
- And many more... Sky is the limit... :)

The program is easy to setup and easy to use (Right now I'm listening to bla's iTunes music share while he is.... I don't even know where he is [for sure not in same building]).

Introducing Hamachi!

Try it once and you wont be able to live without it :)

posted by Anonymous on Friday, January 06, 2006


At 06 January, 2006 13:36, Blogger bla said...

OK just to reitterate Denis's point... We can play counter-strike over LAN while everyone stays where they are (Utah, Ohio, North Pole, Mars) and we don't even need a server! As you know usually the problems we encounter is when we try to play on the internet since ummmm yeah you get the point (:

Denis also forgot to add that I shared a folder on my computer through windows sharing and he was able to see all the things I shared just like you would on a lan connection if a computer shared some folders.

Impressive... very impressive (:

CS anyone? hehe

At 06 January, 2006 13:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spread the word and gaming night is on!

Em, just what you wanted (gaming-wise), but now it's actually real. :D

At 06 January, 2006 13:40, Blogger bla said...

Em this is your solution to that one problem you were having with the 2kb/s download... remember? (:

At 06 January, 2006 14:43, Blogger Emanuel said...

Hey... mm... we will need to get together and get some GAMING GOING! LOL
The thing i am shocked about is how easy it is to use. anway... hey bla.. if you want Dawn of war let me know i will send it with the extension. have both on iso...

At 07 January, 2006 08:54, Blogger Goga said...

this is awesome....just what i needed... CS here we come haha

At 08 January, 2006 00:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw... if you guys want to listen to iTunes shares or get some files from us then join a channel called "nikak" (Ask me or bla for the password).

Note: Or if you have stuff to share.

At 08 January, 2006 13:19, Blogger bla said...

Yeah definately... hey Denis... what was the password for the nikak channel again? lol

At 08 January, 2006 21:06, Blogger Random said...

I'm in!!!! Do you know how many torrents I have? Where's the MPAA?

- :0>

P.S. When is game on?

At 09 January, 2006 09:25, Blogger bla said...

lol dod. I was sharing my entire external hard drive over Hamachi when we were testing it with Denis. The HD is 80G and it's full... so if you need anything let me know (:

At 09 January, 2006 22:49, Blogger Random said...

awesome!!! I just put Hamachi on my lappy, so let's get something going.

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