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txt :: 2 bands that rock (same lead singer)

Check out these 2 bands that I came across. It's alternative and the same lead singer. You may have heard a couple of their tunes on the radio:

Death Cab for Cutie
, album name: Plans, great song: Soul meets Body

The Postal Service
, album name: Give Up, great song: We Will Become Silhouettes

Good torrents with full albums are still out there....


posted by Random on Sunday, January 08, 2006


At 09 January, 2006 08:20, Blogger bla said...

Postal Service is great. I've heard them before. Hadn't heard death cab for cutie, but listening right now and I'm liking it (: FYI they have music on their site (flash player as usual) if you want to hear to some of them.

At 09 January, 2006 09:08, Blogger bla said...

Another new band worth listening to - "10 years".

At 09 January, 2006 18:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Postal Service too. The best out what I've heard of them was Sleeping In.

As regarding the other artist: isohunt->search.... download...

At 10 January, 2006 09:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw, you guys need to listen to The Shins and Frou Frou.

Both are really good too.

At 13 January, 2006 07:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found another great band!

Snow Patrol - Try listening to Run or Chocolate the style if very similar to Frou Frou or The Shins.

At 13 January, 2006 10:14, Blogger bla said...

Good one! Hadn't heard them before.

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