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pics :: Mother Russia Flag

So here I am with the flag of my motherland. I've been meaning to get it forever but never did. And one rainy day I came home and saw a box at my door. In that box was a huge flag that I wanted for soooo long !!!

The flag was a present from a mystery man (can't tell who it's from, if you want to reveal yourself the comments are all yours) ;)

P.S. To tell that I love this thing is to tell nothing, finally I can go to parades and protest meetings!

posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 11, 2006


At 11 January, 2006 23:09, Blogger Lilia said...

Hot stuff what can I say. It would be funner if he were naked rapped in that flag. I don't know what's with me and flags and nudity. Every time I see a flag I think how fun it would be to rap around in the flag and have nothing underneath it.
Gosh, am I sick? lol

At 11 January, 2006 23:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You wrapping in the flag and me wrapping in it are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things! Everybody wants to see first and noone (not even me) want to see the second one... lol

At 12 January, 2006 08:28, Blogger bla said...

That looks sweet! I'm all with Denis about the whole wrapping business. The flag looks awesome Denis. lol Funny story: I asked my grandpa to bring me a big armenian flag from back home since stuff usually is cheaper there, and he asked my mom why I wanted a flag and whether I was planning on going to any demonstrations or protest meetings just like you said Denis! hehe

At 12 January, 2006 10:21, Blogger Goga said...

I want one =[

At 12 January, 2006 13:34, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, I would say I want one too (talking about a russia flag), but I would be ripped to pieces.
Oh, what the heck. I WANT ONE TOO!!! lol

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