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Random has committed

Yes boys and girls, I have committed myself to the world of consoles. I have chosen sides and am prepared to defend my position. I talked big about and was totally excited for the Wii. I had a chance to play over Christmas and was thoroughly impressed with how anyone and I mean anyone can pick it up and have a blast with it.

But for me, I chose a console based on one game and one game only. That game is ..... (ta-da!) GEARS OF WAR! Yes, I used to go over to my brother-in-law or friend's place where I was introduced to the most intriguing FPS ever made. If you ever liked CS or Half-Life, then you will LOVE Gears. So I went down to CostCo, dropped $449 and got the sweet XBOX 360 package and GoW. I have had it for a couple of weeks and have already logged countless hours of dropping fools from all over the world. I haven't even touched the Campaign mode 'cos the online team play is where it's at. XBOX live definitely lives up to the hype and the game will blow you away. Soooo much better than Halo 2. Much more difficult, and very difficult to learn to be good at, which is part of the fun.

Anyway, I'm a fan of GoW, and the 360 delivers that game, so that's where I'm at. Questions? Comments?

-Random (XBOX live id: RandoMaximus)

posted by Random on Friday, January 12, 2007


At 19 January, 2007 20:45, Blogger bla said...

So you finally went to the dark side eh dod? Xbox360... lol it's not bad I play it every time I go to Michigan. Haven't played or even seen GoW, but heard a lot about it. I never was much of a console player, but I'll tell you what. My roommate just bought a PS2 and Guitar Hero and that game is so addicting and fun! You gotta try it if you haven't lol. Anyways all I play nowadays is a custom map called DOTA in Warcraft 3 online. That's about it (:

At 21 January, 2007 17:52, Blogger Nico said...

I agree with you Random,it is a great game and I congratulate you in your purchase as fellow player ;)
Speaking about Sony,I'm just surprised that PS3's are not selling as well as they were planning to.I have already seen them @ WalMart,Costco and GameStop, not even bundled as 360's were for over 6 months,these just come with the standard package at the regular price.The word is that they are too pricy.
After all the hype about the huge shortage they were supposed to have even surpassing Xbox's I wonder,has Microsoft taken control of the battle here in the US? Will PS3's be the letdown of the year?

At 22 January, 2007 09:09, Blogger bla said...

Nico PS3 was destined to flop if you ask me. The only shipment that sold out throughout the entire country was the very first one and that's because of the opening. I've been trying to hunt down a DS Lite for my little sister and those are impossible to find (even more impossible than the Wii). Nintendo has done great in that sense. I even remember reading the damage reports and how much more violent the PS3 sales were compared to the Wii. The Wii also got 8/10 on design according to a gaming magazine (can't remember the name) whereas PS3 and Xbox360 got 7/10! Just a little side note there lol.

At 26 January, 2007 20:07, Blogger Random said...

Yeah, I am tempted by Guitar Hero cos that game is so addictive and fun.

Anyway, I think the PS3 has some serious ground to make up. Especially since 360 launched the HD DVD add-on.

Nico, how is March Madness treating you?

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