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link :: Time to get back to pen and paper?

Well I'm not sure if you guys have ever done this, but when I was a kid back home and I heard a song I liked, I'd try to get the lyrics to it by just playing it and writing them down. And, let me tell you, a lot of times it wasn't very easy. Even now when I listen to the song there are some that I don't catch on to. Well this all changed with the internet, because lyrics are now available. However recently there are articles circulating around about MPAA starting to go after the websites who provide lyrics and guitar tabs to songs. Denis showed me the link a few days ago in Russian, and today as I was reading some articles, I ran into the english version of it. So here it is:

MPAA vs. Song Lyrics

Is it time to get back to the old fashioned pen/paper method? That's messed up if you ask me.


posted by bla on Monday, December 19, 2005


At 19 December, 2005 09:30, Blogger bla said...

I really like how the article says something like "next thing they're going to do is start suing us for singing the songs." That'll be the day... that music dies? (Don McLean anyone?)


At 19 December, 2005 11:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two words: F*** MPAA !!!

Oh, yeah, and RIAA too...

At 19 December, 2005 11:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for custing about the issue in the last comment but I do feel strongly about this issue.

Rules are good but not when they stop the progres and innovation, and that's what MPAA and RIAA are trying to do.

I'll give you an example. After people were able to get any songs they want online without getting the whole album artists were forsed to release better cd's because they couldn't just put filler (crappy) songs to make it to the size of a cd (15-22 songs).

You can find examples in any industry of some money hungry freak stiffing the innovators and inventors by emposing the rules (that happen to airplane industry a long time ago, I hope it wont happen to computers, internet and media).

At 19 December, 2005 11:30, Blogger Lilia said...

I know that you guys both feel very strongly about it, even if I didn't it is pretty obvious from your posts and comments. My personal opinion is that there is limit to everything. If they are going to enforce something there has go to be a limit to this too, otherwise people will rebell. lol

At 19 December, 2005 12:08, Blogger bla said...

denis I'm afraid your comment was too strong and we're going to have to kick you out of ummm your blog :P lol jk. I'm just as mad about it all!

At 24 December, 2005 17:40, Blogger Random said...

How about: SCREW THE MPAA!!!

is that too strong? bla, why don't you post your experience about almost getting fired b/c of the MPAA? (big brother is always watching...)

At 30 September, 2009 01:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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