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txt :: I need your help w/ my scooter, please!

I have the stupidest problem ever. Once the tempreture get's below 0 celcius I can't start the engine.

My assumption is that the petrol in too cold to fire up. Is there any liquid that I can maybe add in the gas tank that could fix that?

I know some of you had bikes and maybe you know something about it.

P.S. I'm sick of walking to work and I don 't wanna pay for a bus pass.

posted by Anonymous on Thursday, December 15, 2005


At 16 December, 2005 22:33, Blogger memo said...


from what I understand gas can still fire at somethign like -92F. so, it's not you gas that's is freezing; shake you scooter and see if you can hear the gas moving in the gas tank.

there's probably water stuck on you piping and that's what's freezing... adn as far as i know, there isn't much you can do to remove it.

i recommend you park you scotter under a roof, and close to other cars. that should keep it warm enough so the water won't freeze. let me know if that helps.

At 17 December, 2005 18:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll try something like a heater to warm it up before I try to start it. I think that should work.

Maybe I'll even check it out with a mechanic because I really want to ride it to work and back but it's going to stand in the cold when I get there and that means it wont start. :(

Thanks for the advice though.

Do you know of maybe some liquid that could help with fixing it?

At 18 December, 2005 20:43, Blogger Emanuel said...

what about giving it a hug??? :).. it will worm it up.. lol...
I will take you to Autozone later to see if there is something that we can do.

At 19 December, 2005 12:07, Blogger Dan Mushrush said...

It does sound like water in the gas. There are products on the market designed to deal with this. One is called DryGas. All of them are just alcohol that binds with the water and allows it to burn. Watch out as the full bottle is designed for a full car tank of gasoline.

At 19 December, 2005 12:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll try that, thanks.

Maybe that'll also change my scooter to a rocket. :)

At 20 December, 2005 18:59, Blogger memo said...

so, what happened? did you get it to work?

At 20 December, 2005 19:01, Blogger memo said...

so, what happened? did you get it to work?

At 25 December, 2005 11:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked!

I didn't put DryGas but instead put a liquid that cleans the fuel system from dust, water and pretty much all of the other extra crap.

Te only mistake I did after I put it is I didn't run it for a while. After understanding while the liquid wasn't working I let it run for like 2-3 hrs so it would eat half of the tank and after that the bike will start with a normal starter at negative tepriture :)

Thanks for your help guys!

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