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Ok so a while back Denis and I had a talk about starting a website. But since we are usually so busy, it kind of got side tracked. We did buy a domain name (and that's how this whole nikak thing started). I was talking to Denis the other day and he had a great idea of forwarding the website to nikak's blog for now since we don't have any content there. So in order for you guys to get used to the website URL (for future use when we have the site up), we redirected the website to this blog. So from now on you can simply go to and you'll be redirected to this page. When later on we finish the website, we'll have more stuff there (big plans) so keep checking in!

Hope you are all having a blast in your finals week! I know I am! Good luck!


posted by bla on Monday, December 12, 2005


At 13 December, 2005 18:58, Blogger VTEX said...

big plans huh? more teletubbies this time or do you actually have a REAL plan?

I am trying to chroot the users home directories on the server - so all you can see is your home directory when you ssh in. Therefore there may be disruptions in your php redirect script over the next couple days. Email will come asap as well

At 14 December, 2005 01:10, Blogger bla said...

haha for the general knowlege - vtex is the douchebag that hosts right now. lol just kidding about the douchebag part. Thanks man! (:

At 14 December, 2005 09:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody say: "tnx vtex".

(Kids screaming in the background) "THANKS VTEX !!!"

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