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In one of my comments I mentioned that I use a lot of different extensions for Firefox. But why and what are they? Here I'll share the ones I use and give a short description on what they do.

Search engines [To add click on "Add Engines" in search box drop down menu]:

-- gahooyoogle - This search engine shows google and yahoo search results side by side so that you can access them both at once.


  • Forecastfox - Shows weather right in the browser [can have several locations].
  • AdBlock - Blocks annoying ads [has a default filter but you can add by right clicking on an ad and setting to block it].
  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater - A nice updater for adblocks filer list.
  • Flashblock - Blocks all flash from playing and allows you to manually tell what to play [Still doesn't work with Firefox 1.5 :(].
  • Gmail Notifier - Needles to say more.
  • ColorZilla - Must have for web designers, view RGB values of colors in your browser window with one click.
  • Sage - RSS aggregator, for those who are lazy to use bloglines [like me].
  • StumbleUpon - Stumble on different pages suggested by other users. I found a lot of very cool and useful sites [Warning: can get addictive].
  • Download Statusbar - Bring your downloads to your statusbar.
  • GooglePreview - Allows you to see preview of webpages in Google results.
  • OpenDownload - Allows you to choose whether you want to let the OS open the downloaded file [Not supported in Firefox 1.5 yet :(].
  • CustomizeGoogle - Let's you customize google's search results page [delete ads and etc].
  • Disable Targets for Downloads - Doesn't open extra tab/window when downloading zip/jpeg/mp3 and etc files.
  • Mouse Gestures - Allows you to use mouse gestures to controll your navigation through the web [back/next/reload/go-to-homepage and etc].
  • FlashGot - Allows you to download files with external programs like FlashGet/ReGet/GetRight and etc.
  • IE View - Allows you to launch IE with current page [if it's not supported but you really want to see the page].
  • HashColouredTabs - Colors tabs with no icon in different colors based on domain [ex.: google - red, yahoo - blue].
  • Dictionary Tooltip - Double click/Ctrl+Double Click on a word and see it's meaning from a dictionary.
  • Tab Mix Plus - One of the best tabs extentions [even supports restoring closed tabs].
  • FasterFox - Speed up your Firefox so it flies through pretty much any page.
  • PDF Download - Allows you a choice between downloading PDF or viewing it in a browser.
That came out kinda long. Ups... Of well... Firefox is great and I encourage everybody to use it.

Note: Post in the comments if you're using other extensions (I focused on those supported by Mozilla Foundation).

posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 30, 2005


At 30 November, 2005 14:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a little extension that is MEGA COOL :)

foXpose - allows you to view all your tabs in one browser widow with a press of Ctrl+Shift+X.

Holy crap, I have Mac OS X features inside my browser !!! lol

At 30 November, 2005 22:55, Blogger bla said...

fake, to fix opendownload extension for 1.5 simply download (don't install) the extension, open it with winrar or winzip, get install.rdf, open it, find where it says 1.0+ and change that to 1.5

enjoy! (: I was mad too so I went and found a hack for it hehe no problems whatsoever!!

At 30 November, 2005 23:05, Blogger bla said...

You should also try out FirefoxView - just like IEView, but this is in your IE!!

At 30 November, 2005 23:37, Blogger bla said...

OK I know I'm nuking this post with comments, but here's a couple more that are good:

Play Launch, which lets you watch the launch videos from!

ShowIP - shows the IP of the website on the lower right corner

Homestar Runner Toolbar - for those who can't live without

I must not fear! - best extension EVER lol and yes I do have it in my browser! Dune rocks!

Super DragAndGo is cool too you dont have to copy paste urls, just drag it and drop it anywhere on the page. you can even just drag any text and it'll do a search based on your default search engine!

FootieFox - shows soccer scores of different european leagues

User Agent Switcher - lets you switch to any user agent (like IE) so the website thinks you're using IE!

ok i'm done for now (: great list by the way fake!

At 01 December, 2005 01:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding skins. Here is one of the best in my opinion (Brushed):

I myself used "whiteheart" but it's still not compatible with 1.5 :(

At 01 December, 2006 03:22, Blogger ndtraff said...

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