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txt :: I HATE Jerry Springer !!!!

Sorry for bluntness and roughness but you'll understand why....

I have that mofo! He with his stupid white trash show showed to the world how low the humans can fall and not just on the show but those that are actually watching it.

Today I had a clip send to me by a friend who wanted me to translate what people were saying from Russian. The popularity of the show mentioned above pushed TV channels to create similar shows in other contries.

To tell you that I'm mad right now is to tell nothing !!!

[No kids allowed! I'm not kidding about this one! No nudity. Unbearable to watch.]

Here's the link

I'm just sad that rather than bringing something good the western culture brings violence, Sex in The City, Jerry Springer, Reality Shows (such that the only thing that is more stupid that these are seasons 2,3,4...), drugs and many other things to our cultures. The forms these evils take differ but all of them with no exceptions are extremely unecceptable.

I hope this brings a lot of reaction out of you guys because it defenitely did with me.

posted by Anonymous on Monday, November 21, 2005


At 21 November, 2005 15:51, Blogger Lilia said...

It is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever seen. I do not even understand what kind of audience and what for those kind of shows are made for.

At 21 November, 2005 16:31, Blogger bla said...

All I gotta say is, it's too bad the host of the show didn't get beat up even more lol. I 100% agree with fake a lot of stupid shows are now getting copied in other countries including Armenia for some shows.

At 22 November, 2005 22:03, Blogger Random said...

well, well, well,

I think Jerry Springer and his crew wallow in the mire of society, and I wish we could gather everyone like that in that stupid studio, and burn that mofo down, to the chant of "Je-rry, Je-rry, Je-rry".

They glory in the drudging the trailer parks to bring up the dreggs, and put them on TV so the losers who watch it will feel better about themselves....TICKS ME OFF!!!

I really can't stand it. It is such a bad reflection on the US, and I'm ashamed that it started here. Sometimes, the world would be a better place without one man, and this is one of those times.

"What we do in life...echoes in eternity" - Maximus Decimus etc......

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