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I started noticing one interesting thing lately, people are very self centered.

All people ever talk about is themselves. It's hard to find a person who is not your close friend, or not interested in gaining something from you, who will actually listen and have a normal conversations without referring to some heroic thing (at least that's how they portray it). I'm not talking about the times when it's just some normal experience but rather about times when the person blows up some minor thing that happen to him when he was a kid or even earlier so that they could feel significant. All sales people [Randall knows that very well] know about that and use it very successfully.

I guess I'm just a little bit annoyed that people can't really be altruistic and always search for some gain. One of my professors recently said that there are only three emotions that people base their decisions on: greed, sex and greed. Yes, we have a double dose of greed in us. Only that and nothing else. I wish people could be people and not just search for gain (respect, money , power and etc.) and be human like rather than predator like.

Your thought and comments are more than welcome...

posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 16, 2005


At 18 November, 2005 00:39, Blogger Random said...

I hate to get all philosophical-religious on you and I agree, but while there is the that greedy side of man, there is also the lighter side. In order for there to be progress (true, unbiased progress), there be a balance between bad and good. To progress, you must have a choice that is unbiased b/t bad and good, and then choose the good. In all of us, there are equal but opposite forces: the bad or carnal nature, and the good or spiritual nature. Carnal man comes from the body's natural desires (i.e. greed, lust, pride, etc.), and Spiritual man comes from the soul/spirit (we are actual spiritual children of God) - hence, equal opposition.

Sorry...maybe a little over the top. But I'll tell you this: When someone tells you something about their life or that they experienced, PLEASE resist the temptation to tell something about you that tops their story/experience. Doesn't that suck? People share things not to be one-upped, but to be understood. Let's focus on the good.

That's by two-bits, I'm out.


(I hate when ppl can't control their greed)

At 18 November, 2005 12:33, Blogger bla said...

I gotta say it's kind of a paradox when you say people need to be more human like. I mean if you think about it - we say that humans are greedy, so they technically are human like. So human like nature is greedy, etc. So agreeing with what Randall said, I'd say we should stop being human like and being spirit like (i know that's not a real word lol but you get the idea). Just a thought.


At 18 November, 2005 15:12, Blogger Lilia said...

Human beings, are creatures that noone can understand we are all so different and special in our own way, yet there are some characteristics that we all have in common; unfortunately they are not always the best ones. I have not lived for too long to make such crucial conclusions, but I have never ever seen an altruistic person, every single person has a personal gain in everything only some people have more or less than others. I do not want to sound pessimistic, 'cause it is not my motto in life, but since I moved away from home that is what I started noticing in people more and more. It was not too pleasant of a discovery .
If you pay attention you will notice that the sound of the person's name is the most pleasant sound for them, or if you are talking to a person about their life it will be the best conversation for them. I love people, we are amazing creatures, I would never be able to be some outcast living alone, although we all have our flaws; that is why we are on this Earth after all.

At 18 November, 2005 16:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me tell you an interesting story that happen in Russian not so long ago.

There was this sexual maniac that was killing women and by the time the police caught them he killed somewhere around 10. After he was cought he gave an interviw to the press and one of the questions wos on how did he manage to kill so many (because he would lure them into sleeping with him and after that he was killing).

His answer amazed me with it's simplisity: "I simply let them talk and listened." That was it. 10 or more women volonterely went to his appartment and slep with him after which he killed them. Shocking but that's a real story.

Now what is my point you would ask. The point is that people like when others talk about them. They like the sound of their name, their achivement or work. We all like to be rocognized and valued.

There is a lot of good in people but most of the time that good is hidden and easily overcome by evil (notice "most" not "always").

It's like if you get an honest man and tell him that he can steal something and not get punished, prosecuted or even looked at for that, what will he/she do then?

Good is a very relative term anyway. For some cultures good is one and for others it's completely different (for hannibal tribes killing and eating people is good while for us it's bad).

The actual reason for this post is because I'm frustrated with how so many people down here value the almighty dollar and can sell their soul and everything that came with it for something that they really desire in return.

I'm glad that I have friends that are different from that and do understand what "Human", with a big "H", really means.

At 19 November, 2005 23:39, Blogger Random said...

bla, this sounds like a Drizzt journal entry, no? I love it! (by the way, have you picked up the new SellSwords series?)

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