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txt :: Where do you get your news?

Hey guys! As I came to work today, I did what I usually do every time I come to work:

  1. Check all emails

  2. Check the blog ;)

  3. Check on news of all sorts.

Now as you all know I'm a big nerd that's in computer science hehe AND so naturally Slashdot is one of my top choices every day. I love the content they have, even though the website itself doesn't look like it (: Well as I'm about to leave work, I checked slashdot once again and then the thought came to me... I wonder where my friends get their news every day?! So this goes to all of you just out of curiosity and also just to learn what your interests are! The sources don't even have to be on the internet... so for our BYU friends it can be the Daily Universe (ain't no shame in it), and so on and so forth! (:


posted by bla on Wednesday, November 09, 2005


At 09 November, 2005 15:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me it's:

- nikak blog
- (general and digital photos)
- Slashdot
- reuters (science and technology column)
- neworder is nice sometimes
- wired news
- techdirt
- cnet

That's some of them, there are much more that I just stumble on or somebody recommends. But that's the general ones. Btw, does anybody knows of a good pencil drawing collection site (i need more example to practice on)?

At 09 November, 2005 21:41, Blogger Random said...

My favorite is Google News. It has a ton of info on one page from a bunch of different news sources. (The sources change constantly) Loaded with Science, sports, world, top headlines, it's a nice site.

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At 07 November, 2015 11:18, Blogger Atul Chandola said...

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