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pics :: Scooter accident [UPDATE]

This is what I got for crashing my scooter - Infinity FX35 :D

A friend of mine said that he is gonna but scooters for all his money and then crash them all just because he wants to drive this car so bad.

The only problem is that it eats gas like a kid would eat candies. But who am I to complain it's a good car after all. Posted by Picasa

posted by Anonymous on Sunday, November 20, 2005


At 21 November, 2005 00:06, Blogger Random said...

So can you explain how a crashed scooter leads to an Infinity pls?

At 21 November, 2005 08:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth - NO IDEA!!! lol

At 21 November, 2005 09:08, Blogger bla said...

"Well, you got me, by all accounts It doesn't make sense."

-Kronk from Emperor's New Groove

At 21 November, 2005 22:07, Blogger memo said...

denis, c'mon dude, tell us how you got this.

btw, even though i hardly ever post, i read the blog daily. keep up the good job; i especially like when you bring up cool software and sites.

At 22 November, 2005 00:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok... ok... Here's the real story.

So I told the rentail company to pick me up since I can't get there and I specifically said not to be late coz I need to be somewhere (a class) and ofcourse as you guys can imagine they were late.

So this girl pulls in front of my house and says that she's from the rental place. As I'm walking toward the car I thought it was a Porshe CUV but then I realised it wasn't even though it looked as nice.

So we talk while driving and she end up being a graduate from BYU, onle led to another.... i'm jk... nothing like that.

Anyway, we get there and there's also a guy that speaks Russian working there and their boss is not in. So they were like bla bla bla since the only car we have is an Infinity, how would you like to take it. I said sure, since I had no clue what Infinity is (I know... and I'm calling myself a guy after that...).

So we walk out and she starts taking something out of the car that we came and I was like do we need to drive somewhere to pick it up or walk. And then she said that no, this is the car.

Holy crap it's good. Ofcourse not perfect since it's not 4.5 liter engine, but it's still very very good (plus the gas is better).

So yeah, that's the whole story. I don't think the guy at the insurance cared at all about what I was renting (they are also paying optional insurance... lol).

So yeah... As bla said... It couldn't have happen...

At 22 November, 2005 01:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thx for the support memin, btw you can now sign up for a mailing list so you know if somebody posted anything or not.

Just enter your email in the "Subscribe" on the right, email one of us (fake or bla) or send an email to the blog address in "Contact Us" on the right.

Glad to have all of you guys with us!

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