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txt :: web services

in an attemp to contribute to nikak, and to start a discussion, i'd like to ask the following questions:

have you written web-services lately?
what language did you use?
how did you secure communication between the client and the service?

actually, make any comment you want about web services.

posted by Esteban Araya on Tuesday, December 13, 2005


At 14 December, 2005 01:09, Blogger bla said...

Always wanted to, but haven't been able to play with them. I imagine it'll be easiest to do it in .NET since according to many .NET is easier to implement. I like php and so I'd imagine they might have a nice way of going about it. Anyways keep us posted on what you find out (:

At 14 December, 2005 09:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i personally like either PHP or JSP. Next semester I'm actually going to work ver close with both of them on two different projects.

To secure it I would use simple SSL type of encryption because it's easy to implement and it's very secure.

In my security class the teacher was pushing toward using sertificates everywhere and for everything and they could be used very nicely for web services too. A little more confusing to implement but once you figure it out it's great.

You could also use C# but I would recommend not to because what if you want to port it to a nix machine later on, then you'll have to rewrite everything in some other language.

Anyway, any other thoughts?

At 14 December, 2005 10:45, Blogger Emanuel said...

You can use Java.. ( i know.. java)...
they have a java web serviecs developer pack that looks good. it has XML digital signaties, also comes with XML web services security, etc... I have not play with it but for what i know this pack allows imcrementation on the web services performance.
just search for ... java WSDP and you should find something about it.

At 14 December, 2005 13:47, Blogger memo said...

yeah, so i've written a couple of web services using .net, and there's a lot of stuff going on behind the covers: it writes your wsdl, uddi, etc.

that's why i was asking if you've used other languages.

denis, when i asked about security, i meant, how do you implement wse?

from emanuel's comment i gather that if you use java, it hides a lot of stuff for you too. someone should try it in php and let me know what happens (not using a ws package)

At 15 December, 2005 13:40, Blogger bla said...

Or how about you try it in php, and then post your thoughts and experience? :P

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