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link :: Zap!

Ever printed something out from the internet and got like 6 pages worth of stuff when you only needed 1? You might say "that's why I use print selection!" but even that doesn't always work, because the companies now include ads within the text, so you can't really select around them. So what's the solution? click2zap! I just tried it and it's awesome.

To make it work, first go to that page, find the link click2zap, right click on it and save it as a bookmark. After that simply go to the page you'd like to print, go to the bookmarks and click on the click2zap bookmark you just made and then start clicking on the things you don't want on the page! Bam, bam, bam they start dissapearing like crazy! hehe. And if you mess up there's undo (:

Warning: When I tried it in Internet Explorer it didn't work for me. I have only tried it in Firefox and Internet Explorer and it worked perfect in Firefox. Please comment if you tried it in other browsers so we know (:

posted by bla on Tuesday, March 14, 2006