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Well, it has been awhile since I posted pictures. I am sure you all missed seeing Denis's and my goofy faces, jk. :) Well, here are some new, and I think funny pics for you.

The dryer did not work as well, so Denis decided to dry clothes the old fashioned way, lol. When I came out and saw him hanging up his clothes on the phone wire, I laughed for sooooo long. I could not help taking this picture, lol.
Lilia eating chocolate (Nutella) yummy. I know it looks gross, but that is what I was going for, lol.

Denis in his driving attire, lol. HOT! What else can I say?

posted by Lilia on Sunday, March 05, 2006


At 07 March, 2006 07:43, Blogger bla said...

Denis the clothes drying was hillarious! Good man Simmons, good man hehe. Lilia - as always good job with posting pictures! (:


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