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link :: Aero X

check this car of the future (from the auto show in Geneva 2006): Aero X

posted by teo on Wednesday, March 08, 2006


At 09 March, 2006 12:21, Blogger bla said...

That car looks sweet! It looks like a mix between a sunfire and chrysler crossfire (or the new firepower), but this is SAAB! So it's gotta be much cooler!

At 09 March, 2006 16:34, Blogger teo said...

this car has 400 horsepower, 5000 rpm, 0-100 in less than 5 sec., 7 speed: all that runs on 100% bioethanol. sweet.
check out the cockpit and the unique way to open the doors!

At 10 March, 2006 09:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, this is like a freaking dream car. It looks so sweet (drooling)...

That's my next car that I'm gonna rent, now I just have to make somebody hit me on the bike and not kill me so they'll pay for the rent.

At 11 March, 2006 09:48, Blogger bla said...

lol denis just make sure it's someone with a nice car next time so he can afford letting you rent that car (:


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