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link :: The best 10 Sci-Fi movies that never came out...

This is for those hard core movie lovers that liked the idea for a screenplay but hated the result [movie]. List of these semi-movies can be endless (Doom, Starcraft, Hithickers Guide and etc).

Check it out.

P.S. It's a little long but very interesting. Plus the guy is not ashamed of his language, so it's funny too.

posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 14, 2006


At 16 February, 2006 07:39, Blogger bla said...

I gotta say I agree with most of his points. The Hitchhiker's Guide - definately made me mad. I couldn't believe when I watched the movie that it was the movie based on the book that I had just finished and fallen in love with. Alien 3 - I didn't mind that much although I didn't know they actually had a teaser that never did happen. Anyways good points! Funny article.


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