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txt :: Picasa is amazing !!!

So somebody (might have been even bla) showed me Picasa and since I have a lot of pictures I liked it when I opened it at first but then I stopped using it because I didn't do a lot of picture editing or anything like that. So yesterday I needed to send a lot of pictures to somebody over the email and I remembered that it has some kind of integration with gmail. So I said: "what the heck, I'll try". Well I couldn't even imagine how easy that would be.

First I went to options and said the resolution for the files that go out through email. By default they are a little too small. I set it to maximum which is 1024 px so it's a very good quality. Then I looked up the shortcut for the email send command (yes, I'm a shortcut freak) and it was Ctrl+E (how unusual :) ). And then something happen that made me fall in love with this program once and forever. It added all of my pictures to the attachments (yes it does videos too) and allowed me to write an email as I usually would. It even pulled my contacts from gmail so I didn't have to remember the long emails of my friends.

I really recommend you guys to try it. If you have a digital camera it's a must have (it's free). Some of the other features that are in there are: importing from devices (digital camera and etc.), basic but pretty powerful editing tools (red eye, resize, crop and etc., all of them are implemented as scripts so they don't modify the original image [you can ofcourse export the result]), creating gift CD's or DVD's with slideshows on them, sending through email (and not just gmail there are other ways too), backing up your pictures on CD's or DVD's. Automatic watching of your folders for new images and many more.

Here's the link for it :)


P.S. I'm not trying to advertise some crap, just sharing about something that is indeed very useful and bla sorry I spammed you with 60 or more pictures since I found out about this feature.

posted by Anonymous on Monday, October 10, 2005


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