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txt :: Infatuation vs. love

Ok, I know that relationships and marriage are the most common and for some people the most favorite subjects at BYU. This is not something I usually talk about, however I would like to get your opinion on that, maybe I just do not understand something. I started thinking about this topic, just because about 15 minutes ago I talked to my friend who mentioned that she may be getting married. I was pretty excited to hear that, until she said that she had been dating a guy for a week and then added that they had been hanging out for 2 weeks! Oh, well that ought to do it, a whole extra week to get to know a person, since 2 weeks is really all you need to be ready for marriage and children!!!!
I have two of my friends who got married and divorced within a year, one of them just barely turned 21. I understand that things happen and come up that sometimes it is impossible to save the marriage, but would that be possible to prevent some of the problems if one took more time to get to know the person they are marrying?
This issue really buggs me, I mean can people hang in there for about a year and get to know each other, or do they just want to have sex so much that they are ready to jeopardize their future marriage. I am no expert here, but I am pretty sure that there is far more into marriage than sex. I apologize if I am being to open here.
I am sure that when people get married they have tender feelings and want to spend the rest of their lives with the person that they are dating and all they can think about is that person, but to me it sounds like infatuation, which is nice feeling...for dating, but not powerful enough to save the relationship when needed.
I would love to get more opinions on this one

posted by Lilia on Wednesday, October 05, 2005


At 05 October, 2005 14:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. Somebody stepped up and told the truth to these BYU people. (dang, I'm still one of them am I)

Come on grab yourself by the balls and stop rushing into such important desisions. I totally agrre w/ Liliusha'a opinion.

To add more, a lot of that happens to guys because they just got from a mission and get horny from and blause that's passing by... sad...

And to girls choose wisely and don't hide who you are as much because (and I saw that a lot) sometimes guys find out who you really are only after a year or so into the marriage. It's very sad but it's true.

Always remember UTA has one of the or the highest rate of divorses. I'd say that BYU dating style contributes to it. :(

At 06 October, 2005 23:56, Blogger Hhhhh said...

OK, here is the ONE method to know whether feelings are love or infatuation: if the other person loves you back with as much intensity as your feelings, then it is most likely love. If not, for sure it is infatuation.

I'm sorry for all romantics but romanticism is very good for me to poop on. -Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ;)

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