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link :: Bible on mobile?

The Bible Society has translated the Bible into text for mobile and made it free over the internet. Here's the article:

God cre8s da world in txt 4m

posted by bla on Monday, October 10, 2005


At 10 October, 2005 14:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And God heard them and send them SMS. Amen.

At 11 October, 2005 12:26, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, many of my friends will confirm that I am indeed a cell phone adict, this is one time and one time only that I will admit this fact by the way; but even I think that it is just outrageous what people come up with just to get other people to use cell phones. I admit that cameras on cell phones and stuff are kinda cool, but Bible?!?!?!?!? That is just too much. Whatever happened to normal pages and books.

At 11 October, 2005 13:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait... How about ebooks?!?!?!

I personally found it so usefull and fast to read books on my PDA. I mean I can read it whenever i have a free minute without having to carry heavy books.

Btw, I love paper books myself but they are more for home reading rather than for everyday whenever reading.

I still think that bible for cell phones is stupid... But I'm a cell phone hater so who am I to talk right? :)

At 11 October, 2005 13:31, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, first of all I know that you are a big fond of ebooks. I do see you everyday and we have had numerous discussions about it.
I undertsand that they are practical and easy to carry and read whenever you want to read them... BUT..
How about those nights in the rocking chair with a blanket by the fire place with your favorite book, when you can actually touch the pages and smell the book paper. Althoug, what I was trying to say in the previous coment was that if I read "In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth" I do not necessarily get the knowledge and the spirit that I look for when reading the Bible.

At 11 October, 2005 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

true, but that is called home reading and i did mention it :)

On the other hand it would be kinda funny to see you bringing a rocking chair to the classroom and trying to make a fire. Oh my bad, did I forget hot chockolate...

So yeah... that's my point :)

At 11 October, 2005 13:57, Blogger Lilia said...

Well, you are sitting next to me right now, so you probably know that you just got smacked for your previous comment :)
What I was saying is that I do not mind ebooks, I just prefer paper books. Plus I do not have that much free time during the day when I could read something other than text books; and when I do have free time, I read at home in the rocking chair, with the blanket, by the fire place :)

At 11 October, 2005 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The free time I was talking is 2-3 minutes before class while you're waiting for the professor or when you wanna draw some stick figures because the professor is sooooo boring. 2-3 minutes here 5 minutes there and a decent 300-400 page book is done in about a week. :) And that's when you usually just do nothing.

I love reading books at home, but kinda moving towards the digital version even then... Just easier to flip pages and the book doesn't close on unbookmarked page when I fall asleep while reading.

But everybody prefers their own. So I choose ebooks and others paper books. I'm not enforsing the new way, just some nice advantages, even though it's a bit unusual at first.

At 12 October, 2005 10:55, Blogger bla said...

Ok ok you two... calm down lol. Lilia stop smacking Denis... ok maybe just one more for me lol. :P

Ok here is why I think it's not a bad idea. I agree that the text might not be very beautiful and doesn't flow as good and you might not find it very spiritual. However this is very good if you're ever on a road and you need a bible, but you left it in your room or something like that.

I don't think it's a bad idea. After all the bible is one of the books that almsot every home has. So no I don't think you should hug your cell by a fireplace and read it... although I know someone who would say that hugging your cell by a fireplace is not a bad idea (can't smack me Lilia I'm too far :P) but in general this resource can be used for the good.

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