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txt:: my bookreview

so, since mike has read two books in the amount of time it takes me to even decide what book i wanna read next, i thought i'd write about the best book i've read this summer.

book name: head first design patterns
publisher: o'reilly (dang they make good books)
why you should read this book: because it's the only book on design patterns that you will find that is more find to read than a visit to the proctologist. also, you'll find that you really learn the stuff when you read the book. the approach they've taken is great; trust me, this book is worth your time (only if you plan to work as a programmer, i guess). if you don't think design patterns are really that important, or that useful, just wait till you start working, then you'll see.

go check it out on amazon ppl.


posted by Esteban Araya on Tuesday, September 06, 2005


At 07 September, 2005 08:40, Blogger bla said...

Couple notes on this post.

One thing - if you like that stuff you should definately take a Software Engineering course in the CS department! I know you can't memin because you're graduated... sucks to be you! lol jk.

Also for all you out there that like reading tech books, there's an awesome website that has almost every single tech book (including all the O'Reilly books). To get access to them you either need to buy an account from them, OR if you still have your BYU login (I use my Kent one), you can use the BYU proxy (unless you're accessing from campus, then it's not needed) and it'll automatically let you read the books since BYU has a contract with them to allow any student to use it. Here's the website:

I use it a lot as a reference for work anytime I need something and I can't figure out (especially when I'm learning a new language or anything of that sorts).

If anyone is interested and isn't sure how to do the whole proxy thing here's a link to BYU's website that explains how to do it:

Enjoy! (:

At 07 September, 2005 22:46, Blogger Hhhhh said...

Book Review? Can I post a review of The Way Things Ought To Be by Rush Limbaugh when I'm done reading it?

At 07 September, 2005 23:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you?!?!? You meant you will! :)

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