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Where are we going? Communism is gone and capitalism keeps falling and breaking toes on it's weak legs. What is coming next? Will we [people] still suck on each others blood or will we change for the better?

The world is constantly evolving into something different, something more complex and fancy. From planting seeds by hand and letting rain take care of the rest we advanced to using machines and chemicals as well as seeds that are now engineered in the labs. What is next evolution step?

I'm just curious about what is the truth and why the world keeps swimming in lies, diving deeper with each year by finding more elegant ways of masquerading a fox for a chicken.

This post is a try one, just want to see if you guys like to express your opinions about matters not necessarily closely tied to technology. :) I also accept any suggestions about other topics.... No, wait... I expect post on other interesting topics :)



posted by Anonymous on Friday, September 02, 2005


At 02 September, 2005 18:14, Blogger Random said...


as you wax philosophical (:->), I want to get a comment out about the hurricane.

If you have turned on the TV the last week, you've probably seen all the looters going crazy with no police or military around.
What's the deal with that!!!?? I thought Americans were supposed to band together in time of need. I got so pissed off when I
saw all those losers smash and grab anything that wasn't tied down! Your family is dying, what do you need a 40" plasma for!?

My wife was like, "all the people are black!", but what you have to remember is that 70% of New Orleans is black, so really it's not
surprising. The people who didn't leave before the hurricane got there were mainly the people right in downtown.

what ticks me off the most is how negative the media has been about the relief effort. It doesn't help save lives to sit back and
criticize everyone from the mayor of New Orleans to the president. Let's just shut up, and focus on getting the help there. The
news story is not the failure of the relief effort, but the saving of it.

ok, i'm off the soapbox. thanks, fake, for a forum today.

At 05 September, 2005 02:14, Blogger Hhhhh said...

Randall, I couldn't agree more. Well said brother.

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