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txt:: katrina

after reading randall's post, i felt i also wanted to comment about the situation in new orleans.

it really doesn't surprise me to see all those people looting. they're the cowards that have always wanted to steal but were afraid of getting caught; now that they have a chance, they're only doing what they've always wanted to do.

for everyone of those cowards, however, you can find someone that will not only help their family but everyone else they can. randall mentioned that this is a time to stand together, and we're doing this. two examples of how i see this happening:
  1. amazon has set up a page for people to make donations to the red-cross. they've already gathered over 2 million dollars
  2. at my job, the company has decided to match employee donations (1 to 1) to the help effort in new orleans.

i can only imagine that things like this are happening all over the US right now.

finally, there's one more thing i wanted to mention. this is definetely not a time to criticize, but we must be aware of the fact that the relief effort came in late. after people are back in their homes we need to look back and think about why this happened. something like this should have never happend, but most importantly, should never happen again.

please donate some money to the relief effort! the red-cross says that $100 can give a week worth of supplies to a family of four. there are rotting corpses on the streets of new orleans; please help!

posted by Esteban Araya on Friday, September 02, 2005


At 02 September, 2005 21:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was pretty shocked myself about the whole thing.

The nation that has so much patriotism cannot unite in the time when it's really needed.

I see that right now the help is getting there, but right when the disaster happened it was very sad to see how everything that was blown up to no limit bursted in one moment. How many other disasters like Katrina will we need to understand that money (40" plasma TV who's owner corpe is somewhere in the water) is not important. We are people and we need to help each other in time of need.

I was reading russian news about the disaster and russian embassy in US was gathering help they even thried to send some cars but the quthorities didn't allow to get some 15 or 20 russian students that were studying in New Orleans as soon as they found out about what's happen.

I totally agree with memin and Randal. We need to unite and help the people. It's not about government or political agenda, it's about people who are suffering and are in need of our help!

At 03 September, 2005 20:04, Blogger bla said...

OK So I don't have cable and my computer's dead, so I heard about the whole thing, but I didn't realize just how bad it was till I read the posts here and went on reading some news articles. Holy cow. Talk about a hurricane and talk about casualities.

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